A New Way to Play Roulette from Scientific Games

Get ready roulette players because now you will be able to participate in the game of roulette by using the new U-Spin device in land-based casinos. Using a circular tube with a large red button on top, players will be able to tap on the red button and decide when to release the ball. This allows players to become more interactive with the game. Moreover, it was also reported that eventually three balls can be released, two of which will be used as a side bet. For those of you who consider roulette your favorite table game, perhaps you will like this new invention or not. The only way to know is to try it. You control the ball and you control when the ball spins. Scientific Games wants players to become part of this game and by allowing for the use of the U-Spin device, you can. The only part the dealer has in this game is to drop the ball in another device. It will sit there until you use the U-Spin device to set the ball free. What do you think? Will this be the new roulette wave of the future? We wonder.