Crazy Camel Cash Slots

A brand new slot game from Rival has just been launched that will appeal to classic slot lovers almost immediately. Maybe it has something to do with that very funny camel commercial asking about "hump day," or perhaps there haven't been too many camel-related slot games. Whatever the reason, we think you will want to play this new slot game.

Game Facts

Crazy Camel Cash Slots is a traditional 3-reel, 1-payline video slot with a few extra special bonus features that will make this particular slot one for the books. The coin denominations range from one cent to $10, with a max bet of $30. But that's not what makes it special. The jackpot is $20,000! Yes, you heard right. $20,000 Big Ones! The pay table is located to the left of the slot machine so that you can easily ascertain the symbols and payouts.

20,000 Reasons to Play Crazy Camel Slots

Aside from the unheard of jackpot, Crazy Camel Slots has symbols that defy its theme. These include: the Camel, Magic Carpet, Palm Trees, Desert Explorers, Golden Chalices, and the Bars: single, double, and triple. The Camel is the wild symbol and substitutes for all other symbols to form winning combinations. In fact, all wins with the Camel symbol payout 3xs. Thus it not only acts as a wild symbol, but a wild multiplier as well.

Play Crazy Camel Cash Slots

If classic slots are your thing, or if you've never played a classic slot with a very sizeable and "crazy" jackpot, we highly recommend you play Crazy Camel Cash Slots at our recommended casino.