Cubis Slots

This is not your everyday slot or your everyday game. Cubis Slots take online gaming to a new dimension. Everything is better in 3D and Cubis Slots 15 Payline Bonus Video Slot Machine is no exception.

Combine Two Great Games

If you like Cubis, the video game; then you will love Cubis, the slot game, but even if you have never played Cubis but you love Slot Machines that are a little different for the others online, then Cubis slots is a game you must try.

Lear How to Play

In your standard Cubis game you position cubes along the lower left or right lines of the board, and the cubes slide inwards until they hit another cube. Line up cubes of the same color and they disappear. You play the Cubis Slots version of the game in a similar manner. The major difference is that the game places all of the cubes on the board for you when you click Play or Bet Max.

Match up 4 of any colors on any of the 15 paylines and you win a payout as those cubes disappear and the existing cubes fall into fill the gaps they leave behind. More cubes are added to replace the empty spaces which can make even more winning payouts if those colors match up as well.

Think Outside the Box

Cubis Slot Machine is not just about matching colored boxes. Watch for the Wild Multiplier Symbol. The Wild Dice Symbol acts as both a Wild Symbol, filling in for any color you need to complete your combination, as well as a Multiplier Symbol. This means that if you use The Wild Dice Symbol to complete you combination then your winning is multiplied by the total amount shown on The Wild Dice itself.

Blow Up the Box

There are even more surprise in store for you in Cubis Slots. Watch for the Special Feature Symbols. There are 3 more unique symbols that you've never seen in a slot before, these "Bombs" give you even more chances to win.

The Line Bomb spits out fire balls in 4 directions at 90 degree angles and destroys all the cubes in its way. The missing cubes are replaced by new cubs, refreshing your chance at a winning combo.

The Square Bomb destroys all 25 cubes on the same face of the box. In the same way as the cubes destroyed by The Line Bomb, these cubs are replaced. And for the biggest Bang, The Nuclear Bomb destroys all 75 cubes on the screen, giving you a brand new start on the game and a whole new chance to win.

Play Cubis Slots today and experience a whole new dimension of online slots.