Fantastic New Online Slot - WhoSpunit!

Play the fantastic new online slot WhoSpunit and bring out the detective in you! There's been a murder in the mansion and the evidence leads you to believe that there are 5 suspects, and now it's your job to find the murderer and take away the big prize money. You'll need to be quick on your feet when play WhoSpunit as this 3D online slot has so much going on meaning it's one game you really need to keep up with. You can't afford to miss those clues on the 30 paylines and to get to the bottom of this mystery you'll need to take charge of not one but two slots as WhoSpunit is indeed two games in one and as the reels keep switching you need to keep focused to solve this crime.

How to Play WhoSpunit

WhoSpunit is a 30 line 5 reel online slot that pays from left to right in normal play and then switches to right to left too during the freespin mode, meaning that they pay both ways. WhoSpunit is a truly interactive game as in one hand you have the 5 reel video slot and at the same time you get to play an awesome murder mystery game which sees you collect the special clues and shoot for the big cash. There's some great features and it is pretty intensive and great for those slots players that liked to feel involved in the game, as you'll need to collect clues then solve puzzles that take you to the next steps of the game, in fact when you solve three clue levels you'll be taken to the second screen bonus level. You'll be asked to do special detective work and as you do it you'll be given special rewards, but make sure you keep on checking that evidence you've collected.

Second Screen Bonus Rounds

The second screen bonus rounds are where you get to score the larger prizes and first up you'll need to solve three clues in the clue collection round and when the gold rimmed evidence symbol appears in the center of the reels you get to speak to the suspect which in turn pays you plenty of rewards. The scatter symbols are the evidence symbols and when you drop these in you'll hit a sweet bonus of between 60 and 600 times your initial bet, then with the help of the special characters you trigger the 10 freespins that pay both ways and offer up to a X4 multiplier. WhoSpunit is a fantastic new online slot and really does offer something a little different. The graphics are so good and when combined with the overall game play and wonderful theme you are left with a superb online slot.