Ghouls Gold Slots

If you enjoy playing challenging interactive slot games, then we invite you to play Ghouls Gold Slots at Drake Casino. This is a unique 3-reel slot with a twist, so we ask that you read our entire review so that you will know what to expect when you play.

Game Facts

A 3-reel, 3-payline progressive bonus video slot, Ghouls Gold Slots has a Halloween theme, but it is more than that. It offers you the chance to test your skills in a big way. The coin denominations begin at two cents with a $5 max bet per line. The key to winning the progressive jackpot, however, is determined by what symbols are held in place. And you will have ample opportunities to do so.

Reels that Go Bump in the Night

One of the unique features of Ghouls Gold Slots is that upon first viewing, you think something is wrong with the slot machine because when you click on max bet, only the symbols on bottoms reels appear. But, this is where this game gets interesting. You have to hold one, two, or all like symbols in place and then the middle and top reels will show the same symbols you held at the bottom. Then the reels will spin and if you're lucky enough to get the jackpot symbol, you win bit time. Note that the Bonus symbols appears very often.

The Jackpot

The Jackpot symbol will win you the progressive jackpot. So if it appears on the bottom reels, be sure to hold it. Other symbols that pay out handsomely are: The Wild symbol, which substitutes for all other symbols except the Jackpot symbol; the Haunted House will pay out 500 coins when all three appear; The Bag of Money will pay out 250 coins when all three appear; the Witch's Brew; the Bats; the Candle; the Green 7 and the Yellow 7 will all pay out when appearing three times.

The Bonus Round

When you get three Bonus Round symbols, you will activate a very challenging bonus round. You will be given seconds to click on as many rising ghouls as possible. Each ghoul you click on is worth a specific number of credits. Once this round starts, you better be ready to click like crazy. After the time allotted is over, your total prize amount will be awarded.

Play Ghouls Gold Slots at Drake Casino

Having good eye-hand coordination is the key to winning the bonus round, but it is holding the jackpot symbol for a chance to win the progressive jackpot that makes this Ghouls Gold Slots so exciting.