Halloween Howls Slots

You don't have to wait for the popular October holiday in order to enjoy the sights and sounds of Halloween when you download Halloween Howls slots. The game uses many symbols of Halloween, such as Jack-o-Lanterns, ghosts, witch's hats, black cats, candy, spider webs, coffins and more. Anyone who enjoys the holiday will have a blast playing Halloween Howls Slots game online.

Have Fun and Win at Home

There is no need to have to get dressed and go out to a casino when you are in the mood for some slot machine action. Halloween Howls will fulfill that need for you in a colorful, fun way while you enjoy the excitement of each spin in the comfort of your own home or office.

All About Halloween Howls Slots

Halloween Howls is a 5 line slot machine, and you can choose to bet on just one line, or all five. You also have the choice of how much to bet. You can be cautious and bet one, or throw caution to the wind and bet the maximum amount by using the "Bet Max" button located on the bottom left of the slots game.

Bet One, a Popular Choice

You may also use the "Bet One" button to increase the bet. This will not only modify how many lines you want to place a bet on. The more lines that you bet on, the better your chance are to come up with a winning combination and a big win!

What the Symbols Say

When you do get lucky and a winning combination pops up on the screen, the amount you won will be determined by the symbols that have appeared on the screen. Let's say you placed a bet on three lines and hit the "Bet One" button. If you were to get three jack o lantern pumpkin symbols, then you would be able to receive a payout that equals 10 for every combination of those symbols that comes up on those three lines.

The Halloween Howls Slots Pay Table

The pay table for Halloween Howls slots is easy to understand. The symbols clearly define the amount won. One jack o lantern equals 2, two jack o lanterns equal 4, three jack o lanterns equal 10, three candies equal ten, three black cats equal 25, three witches hats equal 50, and three full moons with two bats flying over them equal 250. Your payout will flash on the payout table. This consists of a coffin with three clowns popping out of the top of it, with the listings of what you will be paid emanating from the coffin. Play Halloween Howls slots today, and surprise yourself with the fun you will have.