New Monopoly Plus Slots

As a kid, one of the best board games we played as a family was Monopoly. You could play it for hours and never grow tired of it. Now, as an adult, I am thrilled to tell you that there is a new slot game called Monopoly Plus that was just released at Harry Casino. And is more fun and exciting than the board game I played as a child.

Game Facts

A 5-reel, 30-payline bonus video slot, Monopoly Plus takes the old board game to new heights. It has a maximum payout of 250,000 coins with a minimum bet of 30 cents to a maximum of $300. It is a good idea to read the pay table as there are multiple bonus features within this game.

Familiar Monopoly Symbols

As with the board game, Monopoly Plus Slots mimics it with a few exceptions. It has a variety of extra bonuses. The Mystery Wild Bonus feature, for example, is activated when Mr. Monopoly decides what reel will turn wild. Another feature is the Board Bonus feature wherein when you get three or more Board Bonus symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5, you will be asked to choose one of these symbols to let you know how many rolls you will get. (Similar to get doubles with the dice playing the board game). But just like the board game, roll three doubles and you'll land in jail.

Bonus Features

Land on a property and you will trigger the property bonus feature. You can win extra rolls of the dice or money, depending upon the symbol that is displayed in the middle reel. Look for the opportunity to get up to 3xs wild symbols which could multiply your trigger bet by up to 9000xs.

Take a Chance!

The Chance and Community Chest Bonus cards also offer a bonus. When you land on either one, you will be able to move to a property or land on Go. So too, if you land on any railroad or the free parking space, you will receive an extra roll.

Go To Jail; Do Not Pass Go; Do Not Collect…..

Here's an interesting twist to the board game. If you happen to go to jail, you will be given three tries to roll a double. However, you will receive 300xs your bet if you get out of jail with a double.

Land on Go and Collect $200

That is the board game's rules, but in Monopoly Plus Slots you will receive 200xs your bet when you land on Go.

Level Up Bonus Feature

Another interesting bonus feature in Monopoly Plus is the Level Up Bonus Feature. Simply put, as you increase your bank account playing the game you will notice a meter at the top of the slot machine and to the left. This displays your level during the regular game. But once you ready the top, you will level up and be rewarded with two special features: new moves, new title, or new bonus features. So too, the prize levels will increase as well.

Play the New Monopoly Plus Slots

Anyone who has ever played Monopoly with friends or family will find this new Monopoly Plus Slot game to be awesome. We highly recommend you visit our featured casino and see just how far this beloved board game has come.