At a time when 3D slots have reached technological greatness, Drake Casino features Heist Slots, an outstanding slot game that has unbelievable payouts, fantastic animations, sounds, and bonus features you won't believe. This slot game is very easy on the eyes due to the appearance of Neil, the bank robber. Suave, handsome, and delectable; no doubt you will get hooked on him and this slot game.

Game Facts

A 5-reel, 30-payline bonus video slot, the coin denomination ranges from two cents to $1. With a jackpot of 2500 coins, you will earn more payouts during the regular game and bonus games than the jackpot. Before playing Heist Slots, be sure to read the pay table as it will explain the symbols, payouts, and bonus features. Before you begin play, also choose your coin denomination and click on "max bet" so that you cover all the bases.

Neil and Detective Kowalski

Since this slot is about a bank heist, you will assist Neil in achieving his goal. But you have to be careful, as Detective Kowalski is right on Neil's heels. This will become more evident in the bonus game. First, here are the symbols in Heist Slots: Neil, the handsome robber; Kowalski, the gun toting detective; a Bag of Diamonds; British Currency; Vault Plans; Vault Security Pad; Gun; Stop Watch; Glass Cutter; C4; Drills; and Vault. Neil is wild, and when he appears five times you can win the 2500-coin jackpot. So too, when Kowalski appears five times, your payout will be 2000 coins. But it is the bonus features that will literally blow you away!

Glass Cutter Feature

When three or more of the Glass Cutter symbols appear, this will trigger a feature in which all three or more of these symbols will change to "Click on Me." Choose one, and you can be rewarded in the following ways: up to 60 free spins; access to the bonus round; or high payouts.


The C4 symbol will appear only on the center reel in the 2nd position. A terrific explosion will occur and the C4 symbol will turn into a 2xs wild stacked symbol. Now if you already had winning combination on the reels, the wild will allow for a double payout. However, you can also see a re-spin with the wild reel untouched to earn even higher payouts. This is a random feature, but it does occur.

Drill, Baby, Drill!

Another recurring bonus feature is getting three or more Drill symbols. When you get three Drill symbols, you will win 750 coins; 4 Drill symbols will earn you 1500 coins; and all five Drill symbols will pay out 3750 coins!

The Vault Bonus Round

This is the bonus round you've been waiting for. Neil has an opportunity to steal quite a bit of money from this huge vault. Thus, if you get three vaults, you will trigger this awesome bonus game. On a second screen, the huge vault will appear. There will be three ways in which you can assist Neil in stealing the money: Hack it; Blow it up; or Use the Security Code. You choose the method and Neil will take care of the rest. All three of these methods produce different payouts. But just watching Neil carry out all of these methods is something else! Caution: During the point at which Neil is inside the vault and putting the money in a bag, you will see a large red ESCAPE sign appear. You can choose this option, or let Neil finish what he started. It's up to you!

Play Heist Slots at Drake Casino

Heist Slots is addictive due to the bonus features, the animations that occur during game play and, of course, Neil! We know you will want to play Heist Slots at Drake Casino, so visit and join now. It's the only game in town!