Mark of Medusa Video Slots

If you are into Greek mythology then you won't want to miss to play the Mark of Medusa video slots. With her writhing snakes for hair and her gaze that was believed to turn you into stone, this mythical trip into the world of video slots provides action, great graphics and lots of opportunities to win on every spin.

Reels And Symbols

The Mark of Medusa video slots game is a five reel, 25 payline game that has great graphics. The reels have a white background, making the symbols really pop and catch your eye. The symbols include the standard high card symbols of nines through aces, all done in very ornate Greek type characters. Of course the symbol you really want to see is Medusa herself, not because she will turn you to stone but because she is the wild symbol that will provide you with winning options on the paylines she appears in. In addition to Medusa the Pegasus symbol, the mythical winged horse, provides the opportunity for free bonus spins as the scatter symbol. Two Pegasus symbols on any reel in any position wins cash while three will result in triggering the bonus spins. In addition to just these symbols other mythical images include a three headed dog, an ancient vase, a fierce looking soldier and a ancient set of crossed swords.

Free Spins And Extras

Besides just the great graphics and mysterious mythical musical background sound, the Mark of Medusa video slots have several different options for free spins based on how many Pegasus symbols appear. With 3 you get 15, 4 results in 20 and 5 Pegasus symbols will give you 25 free spins. During these spins your winnings are tripled with a possible 30,000 coins up for grabs. There are also jackpots for specific symbols, five Medusas are worth 10,000 coins, 2,500 for 4 Medusa symbols and 1000 coins if you spin five soldiers.

Try The Game

If you haven't tried Mark of Medusa video slots you really do need to give it a spin. Even those that play poker online for money in the US can appreciate a bit of a break from the pressure of the game with a fun, mythological video slot machine game. You may want to try a few other slots as well, Aztec Slots is another high quality game with a mystical, historical theme that might be just perfect for a chance to have some fun and win some great prize money.