Ned and His Friends Slots

Okay, rats are not my thing as I am sure you feel the same way. However, in one of the most innovative and creative slots ever conceived; you must play Ned and His Friends Slots at Drake Casino. Why? Because its entertainment value is beyond anything I've seen in a slot machine and it ranks among my top five best 3D slots of all time. Turn up your sound for this slot game, 'because it is fantastic!

Game Facts

A 5-reel, 30-payline bonus video 3D slot, Ned and His Friends gets you from the second the slot machine comes into view. Picture it: A living room, with the slot machine in the middle, and to the left is Ned, sitting in his chair cheering, jumping up and down, and offering words of encouragement with each spin. The coin denominations begin at one penny and go up to 50 cents. Thus, it is highly recommended that you bet the max because you can win untold fortunes playing this slot game. With a 2500-coin jackpot, there is more to be earned in the featured bonus rounds and they are out of this world!!!!

It's Ratty Rat Doo-Wop Time!

The characters and symbols in Ned and His Friends Slots include: a quintet of singing rats, Ned's Girlfriend, a Rat Hole, and Door. These are all the symbols you need. Now, let's get on with the show.

Click Me Bonus Feature

Get three or more rat holes and they will change into Click Me signs. Choose one of three and you will win the prize. Watch as the rats gather at the top of the slot machine and begin showering you with coins as they sing!

Singing Rats Free Spins Round

This is a hoot! When you get three white mouse symbols, you will win 5 free spins. But the best part of this round is that the quintet gathers at the bottom of the slot machine and with each win they sing "Winner!" and other great surprises.

Ratty Rat Doo-Wop Bonus Game

This bonus round tops the best bonus rounds in any online slot. When you get three or more of Ned's Girlfriend symbol, the show begins. She sees the rats, faints; and then they gather on top of the table and try to sing a song to awaken her. In truly Doo-Wop fashion, the five rats will sing and snap their fingers to a fabulous song. At the top of each of the rats, you will see their names. To win, simply select one rat and you win the prize allotted to him. Oh, by the way, the rat you choose is the one who will be the lead singer.

Play Ned and His Friends Slots at Drake Casino

With music that will have you tapping your feet to the beat of the Doo-Wop music performed by this entertaining quintet, with lucrative payouts and multiple bonus features; we urge you to visit Drake Casino to play this ingenious slot game entitled Ned and His Friends Slots.