Two New Online Casinos for Nevada

In June of last year 2022 , the Gaming Control Board Chairman of the US was quoted as saying" the dominoes are starting to fall". This statement refers to the recent approval of the Nevada Gaming comission that approved its first two applications in its state for online casinos. Both Bally Technology Inc, known as BYI and the International Game Technology received approval to open online casinos in the state of Nevada for the first time ever. These online casinos that are in the final stages of development will incorporate the best and most advanced technology in online casino gaming and it is rumored will also include online poker rooms and games. Speculators of the online casino industry who have studied the potential in Nevada believe that within five years the online casino revenue will reach up to $13 billion or more, but this is only speculation and time will tell if this incredible figure will come to fruition. Additionally competition will definitely increase for these first two US legal casinos in Nevada that are paving the way for a bright future.