Iowa Prepares to Embrace Gambling Future

The State of Iowa brings a little festive cheer to the online gambling industry by announcing that it is facing a few facts over the future of the gambling industry as a whole. An internet bill was passed by the Iowa Senate in March of this year however it did not make it as far as the house and it will be interesting to see how it goes this time round with a recent poll suggesting that 69 percent of adults in Iowa are opposed to legalized online gambling. The chairman of the Iowa racing and Gaming Commission Jeff Lamberti is all for the move has stated that, "That's really where the next step in gaming is moving. We've seen some states approve it and are moving in that direction". He also added however that any form of online gambling within the states borders would have to be strictly regulated and adhere to high standards of security, integrity and trust. Numbers are being thrown around in this debate and one of them is that 150,000 Iowans already do their gambling online taking advantage of sites based outside of the US. Iowa casinos as verified by Wes Ehrecke of the Iowa Gaming Association are also all for the changes and would jump at the chance to offer online table games and poker. It appears that there are some sensible heads in the state of Iowa and with the realization that internet gambling is indeed the future for all concerned the next step is getting that bill back into the arena, getting it passed and then onto the implementation stage.