$2.4 Billion In Revenue for Louisiana Casinos

Louisiana is becoming one of the leading gambling states with revenues that hit $2.4 billion in 2023. Louisiana is known for some of the best casinos in the US with the riverboat casinos becoming more and more popular for their novelty and fun. There are a number of different casino riverboats in Louisiana in addition to mainland casinos. In 2012 the revenues of Louisiana from casino gambling were made up of mainly riverboat casino revenues that made up $1.6 billion of the total revenue. The riverboats are located in two main locations, Baton Rouge and New Orleans, the Baton Rouge boats are bringing in most of the revenue for this State. Although becoming a leader in gambling revenues, the State of Louisiana is still not at the levels of Pennsylvania with a $3.16 billion revenue and New Jersey with a $3.05 billion revenue last year, but it is definitely becoming one of the top contenders.