Beat the Odds: Proven Slot Game Winning Strategies

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Slots are by no means a guaranteed win. Sure, slots are beloved for the diverse nature of the game along with their easy playability. Slots are also well liked for the potential to land massive payouts through triggering a jackpot.

You probably weren't aware that if you research slots, you can actually increase your odds against the machine simply by being well-informed and making the right decisions. Finding out a game's RTP can mean the difference between walking away with cash or walking away with empty pockets.

Plus, many platforms offer welcome bonuses and other rewards that can be applied to slot machines, and with the right research you could spend very little and end up winning a massive sum. While no game can guarantee a win, you may as well increase your odds of winning while playing. It's well-known casinos make the majority of their money from slot machines, but that doesn't mean it's impossible to win on these simple games.

Tip # 1 Read The Rules

This might be the most obvious of the tips offered on this list, but a surprising amount of slot players don't do this! Reading the rules of the game you play can provide insight into the game. Of course, to understand slots as a whole, you'll need to learn the language, and all of the terminology associated with the game. Otherwise, you might miss hidden features.

You'll also want to become well informed on a slot game's RTP (also known as return to player percentage) along with the volatility of the game, which both will offer insight into how frequently or infrequently a game pays out, along with what kind of payouts are offered. You should also brush up on knowledge related to the software provider who crafted the game, because this can offer additional insights.

Tip #2 Hot Drop Jackpots

Hot Drop Jackpots are positively amazing. Not every online gambling offers hot drop jackpots, so you'll want to make sure your preferred platform offers these types of jackpots, or join a casino that does. Most platforms offer progressive jackpots, in fact they're probably the most popular type of online jackpot around. The main reason hot drop jackpots in particular are so popular is because of the timer attached to the jackpot itself. This gives players a better idea of when the jackpot is predestined to drop. There are hourly and daily hot drop jackpots, along with a monthly hot drop jackpot that's required to drop before it reaches $300,000!

Tip # 3 Adjust The Games Settings

This is another tip that almost seems basic on the surface, but is often overlooked. Not every slot machine is created the same. There are typical five reel video slots, along with classic three reel video slots. There are even other alternative machines that offer six or seven reels. Every machine also has an RTP, which could be 94% or 97%, or somewhere in between. Most slot machines will allow you to adjust the bet size, with some of them offering adjustable pay lines as well. With these mechanics, you can adjust the game to what fits you the best. You want to employ the strategy that fits your payment the best. For example, if you lower the amount of pay lines, you can decrease the minimum cost per spin. Sometimes adjusting the machine might even change the RTP of a slot. However, keep in mind that to win many jackpots associated with specific slots, you might have to bet a certain amount.

Tip # 4 Set Payroll Limits

You should always limit your spending per session. Never exceed the amount you plan to spend. If you win a jackpot or large sum of money, do not use that as an excuse to continue playing. You should move on to a new game or close your session for now. You should keep your winnings separate from your spending money.