Warning! Big Brother Is Finding Your Gaming Locations

GeoComply is a poker application that can detect if players are conducting online casino gambling outside of the Nevada area. WSOP, for example, does use the geo-location technology. GeoComply has been around for the last five years, and is based in Vancouver. They serve Draft Kings and MGM Resorts. This application not only focuses on your location, but age as well. More importantly, it has been part of the ongoing debate as to whether online gambling should be legalized. If you gamble outside your jurisdiction, you will receive this warning:

“We have detected that you are attempting to wager from outside the state of Nevada. This conduct is in violation of Nevada state law. You should immediately cease and desist from attempting to wager from outside of Nevada. We have retained your user information and future attempts could result in an enforcement action.”

In this writer’s opinion, this notice is quite harsh. If online gambling were legalized throughout the country, players would not have to be “threatened” with this insane message. Personally, I think this GeoComply is outrageous and unwarranted. It should also be noted that GeoComply can operate in New Jersey, Delaware, and Nevada. It is also been granted authorization to operate in Georgia for their Lottery. This is a clear violation of one’s rights. If, for example, one tries to play in an online casino from NY, a small one line message states that “you cannot operated from your location,” or words to that effect. That’s it. You are not connected to the game and no harsh and threatening language is utilized.

Yes, Big Brother is Watching…..

Frankly I am appalled at this invasion of privacy, but I am not surprised. At a time when terrorism is at the forefront of every nation’s concern, and while I agree that we need to be vigilant – GeoComply does nothing but scare people and harass a very very small majority of players who seek to play casino games online.