New Social Slot with MGM Mirage Hotel Theme

With the jury still out on the value of social gaming it hasn't stopped it's growth, and most major players in the gambling industry have at least some sort of involvement in it. MGM is no different and is launching a brand new social slot in conjunction with Playstudios called MyVegas Mirage Secret Gardens. This Facebook game is themed around the Mirage hotel brand and offers a glimpse into some of the better aspects of the casino properties in Las Vegas. MyVegas is of course a free to play slot and it's very well designed with some excellent graphics and very good game play, and you'll also get a look at the Siegried and Roy animal show. Playstudios has a very popular app on the social networking site and this will be the 11th online social slot and the three million users of the app will find it highly entertaining. COO Paul Mathews, while admitting that Playstudios is not Zynga with its multi million users but he does state that monetization is good with their games and when asked about mobile games against Facebook offering he said, “The key here is the play rate and how much they spend, we’re comfortable with those numbers, though we don’t disclose them. We are launching new games as rapidly as we can and people love it.”

Keeping things legal is key to social gaming companies like Playstudios and whilst they play the waiting game for US regulation there is still ways of making money from their offerings. Companies may not offer rewards for gambling, that's against the rules, so to get around this, loyalty is rewarded. For example, you cannot offer prizes for big wins, but the fact that you came back every single day for a month will mean that you will be rewarded in some way. Mathews says that Playstudios will be sticking with a high quality, well branded approach with 'authentic Las Vegas experiences' on offer at the MyVegas suite of games. There's a cool virtual casino that can be built using MyVegas that allows users to create their very own version of the Las Vegas strip. Tom Mikulich senior Vice President of business development as MGM Resorts states that, “Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at The Mirage is dedicated to awareness and conservation of rare species. By bringing this destination to life in MyVegas, we’re able to further engage millions of players online with our property in a way that’s both entertaining and rewarding." Mirage Secret Gardens itself is a 30 line, 5 reel slot with some very cute animals as symbols and is set in a tropical oasis. There's plenty of features and it's very engaging as players accumulate bonus points and level up as they go. It's fun, it's well made and what's more important as far as social gamers are's free.