Atari Makes Social Gaming Move

Many readers may remember those great Atari gaming consoles, and for a whole generation they were the first video games that we ever played. There are still millions of people around the world who love those old school Atari games, and after cutting a deal not so long back that saw Atari pulled out of bankruptcy they are now venturing into the world of the social casino and some of those brilliant games will be available to enjoy on a modern platform. Atari have joined forces with FlowPlay who will manage the backend of the new offering and Atari CEO Fred Chesnias said that, "We see partnering with FlowPlay and entering the social casino market as a natural progression for us, as we move beyond gaming, taking advantage of such a rapidly growing industry that aligns well with our core business is important."

FlowPlay already provide a social casino called Vegas World which offers a totally immersive virtual casino experience delivering a social side with swimming pools, bars and clubs on top of the great selection of casino games. The Atari offering will be created along those lines and instead of the casino games players will be able to play Atari classics such as Centipede and Asteroids, making for what we think sounds like a great place to check out. FlowPlay CEO Derrick Morton thinks it's fantastic news for both companies saying, "While our first party social casino business is growing at double digits for the past several months, we know that to really scale, we need to have several products in the channel, working with companies like Atari to build new products using our platform allows us to reach more consumers and ultimately build a bigger business with less risk." Sounds like a great venture and we can't wait to see the final product.