Zynga About to Launch Real Money Gambling on Facebook

Struggling social gaming giant Zynga, hot on the heels of announcing a new CEO are set to launch real money games on Facebook. Rumor has is that as well as the imminent arrival of real money poker in the shape of ZyngaPlusPoker, there will be a ZyngaPlusCasino Facebook application too. It's only fairly recently that Zynga entered the world of real money gaming with the arrival of ZyngaPlusCasino and it seems that they are now about to push further on that front. The poker and casino apps will be launched on regular PC first and then make the move to mobile, with UK customers being the first to get them. A Zynga spokesman told Cnet that, "This is just business as usual for them, what you're likely hearing about are additional games Zynga is adding to their existing real money gaming ecosystem in the U.K."

It's becoming clearer that Zynga is moving toward the real money market in a big way now. The days of social gaming are not going to disappear of course however with the launch of ZyngaPlauCasino in April, in a joint venture with Bwin Party Digital Entertainment and the plans to enter the US real money regulated market it appears that this is where they see themselves in the future. At present it's unclear when these Facebook apps will launch, however with recent share prices not looking too good they simply have to make a move, and sooner rather than later.