Where Can US Players Play Online Poker for Free?

If you have been keeping up with the regulations regarding online poker, you may be at this point deflated and confused. Some poker sites have been taken down, then put up; then taken down again. In the US, there are online sites where you can play poker for free. In fact, many of them are online casinos you know. If you simply want to play for free you can utilize the flash video poker games available at most online casinos. It doesn’t cost you anything except registration to that site. You can play as often as you wish given the amount of fun money the casino gives you to play for free.

Free Play Poker Sites

The other alternative is that are many poker sites where you can play for free using flash. Some require registration, where others do not. But, no money is required and all US players are accepted. It would take a bit of research on your part, but the best way is to use the words “free poker online,” and you will be given a comprehensive list of sites where they offer flash poker and/or poker where you have to register. However, in both instances – there is no money exchanging hands. In fact, at one site you can register and receive funny money to test your skills against other poker players. One such site is Poker Stars, which you may have heard of. All you have to do is to download the software, select play money, create your account and screen name, and enjoy such games as Sit & Go, Free Ring Tournaments, and more. They even provide a tutorial on how to play poker for free. This site is open to US players.