Zynga Release Elite Slots

You simply cannot keep Zynga out of the online gaming headlines! This time round they have developed something truly original. Elite Slots puts the player in a room with 149 fellow players as you attempt to gain enough experience points to bring down the pit boss. The game itself sounds complex with many choices and variations, but once playing you soon get used to it, or at least the design director Josh Gause will have you believe. Elite Slots is due for release on Facebook soon, so let's take a walk through the game. First off you have to choose a pet to represent you, of which there are 24 available. When you enter the room, you appear as your pet on top of a slot machine, with the symbols of the reels being determined by which theme you are adventuring through and there are 6 available, High Noon, Enchanted Forest, House of Fangs, Pet Park, Aurora Dreams and Treasure of Anubis. To make it to the confrontation with the pit boss, simply start spinning and making your way along the adventure strip. As you make your way you collect experience points and gems which will make you level up unlocking special powers that are different in each character. Once everyone in the room is spinning away and the meter is filling up as you hit the big wins you get close to the big fight. To get rid of the enemy the whole room must spin and win as much as possible, however should they slow down the enemy wins and the meter resets at zero. Zynga state that it brings a great community spirit into play and allows people whilst chatting to make new friends. It is innovative and seems to offer the social gamer a lot of fun, and with Zyngas reputation behind it, we are sure it will make a big splash.