Is Interest in Zynga Games Decreasing?

Many people are wondering about the fate of Zynga Games after it announced it would be cutting at least 11 games. In total, this gaming company has a plan to cut over 13 games. This seems to be quite a lot, and critics are wondering if the public has just fallen out of love with Zynga.

The latest game that showed a decline in public interest in Petville. At one point, this game had over one million people playing it each month. However, Zynga had seen a slow decline in their active users for Petville so he company decided to remove this game title as one offered on Facebook.

Mafia Wars and Treasure Isle

It is actually quite a surprise to see thriving games such as Mafia Wars and Treasure Isle also be removed by Zynga Games. At one time, Mafia Wars has over 200,000 users actively playing it.

The decline in interest in these games has also led to the closure of the Zynga Boston Studio, and plans to close facilities in the United Kingdom and Japan.

Why the Decline?

The problem that Zynga is facing is the decrease access that many of their players now have. Many people now use their mobile phones to search the Internet and this makes it hard for them to play games. In the past, the popularity of Zynga Game titles increased when more people used their laptops and computers to access the Internet.

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