Zynga Shares

Shares in the social gaming giant Zynga continued to fall heavily as the company, which is of course closely linked with Facebook, predicted further falls in revenue as its player base fails to grow. By Friday of last week the shares had fallen another 2.5 percent causing plenty of concern for its shareholders, on the backl of the 20 percent they had previously lost with at one point the price being just $2.21, which is their lowest ever price. Zynga, famed for its games on Facebook such as Farmville, Mafia Wars and Texas Holdem has seen a big drop in the amount of spend from its customers and this of course directly impacts Facebook as most of its revenue comes from the social gaming side of the site. Many observers and analysts have predicted difficult growth for Facebook in the near future. The future remains unclear at the moment for Zynga as added to the share price worries is the fact that it appears to be having somewhat of a staffing crisis with many key employees leaving the company. The latest of these is former manager of Zynga Poker Laurence Toney, who announced on his Linkedin profile he had left the company. Shares in Zynga closed at $2.43 on Monday which is a far cry from the selling price of the $15 plus they were back in March of this year.