Morgan Stanley Social Gaming Study

Morgan and Stanley the largest financial company on the planet have cast their expert eyes over the world of social gaming and have given us some estimates of expected revenue. Social gaming is one of the fastest growing areas of online gaming and it combines playing a game of your choice and then sharing with friends on a social network, the largest of course being Facebook. Many people have take to social gaming as a way of sharing an online experience with friends and it has exploded worldwide. The study by Morgan and Stanley states that in the best case scenario, by the year 2015 social gaming will generate 7 Billion USD with the worst case scenario being a figure of just under 2 Billion, which is still a marked increase. The study also shows that social networks are making gambling accessible to a new pool of players and this will only increase over the coming years, with social gambling now having a reach of an estimated 170 million people. The big difference, and what makes social gaming so viable is that it is not regulated and can be offered by any social network without the legal complications and territorial differences that real money gambling has to deal with. We have seen that many real money operators have taken notice of the huge impact social gaming has had and have formed partnerships with developers and social networks so as to be part of this growth, with the latest being 888's deal to offer real money games on Facebook. Social gaming is here to stay and we can safely say that it will continue to grow for the foreseeable future, there is a huge amount of players and potential players and the task for real money operators is to convert those players from social to real money players.