Big Fish Casino Enters UK

The deal was signed back in August, that the Big Fish real money casino would be the first real money casino in the app store. In a partnership with Betable, Big Fish, the social gaming company is now a real money gambling company. The application gives players the option to play for fun money, or go to the slots with real cash. Betable play a large part in this app as not only do they provide the software platform but also age verification, location and ID, which is all a necessary part of doing business in the heavily regulated UK market. Betable are currently working on other titles that are to be released by Big Fish and available for iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Carey DiJulio the general manager of Big Fish Casino states that,"With the launch of Big Fish Casino UK real money players in the United Kingdom can join our other Big Fish Casino players in the social aspects and thrill of casino gaming from their iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch anywhere they happen to be. We wish Big Fish the best of luck but it will be tough for them as the mobile gambling market in the UK is already dominated by the high street names alongside the well known internet bookmakers and casinos.