Odd Shaped Balls Slots

Odd Shaped Balls Slots

Will The Odd Shaped Balls Slots Bring You Luck?

Some slots games online have some very strange names - and the Odd Shaped Balls slots has to be one of the most unusual ones of all. This comes from Parlay Entertainment Slots, and you can download and play it now to give it a try.

Let's see what you can expect to get from this game.

How many reels and paylines does it have?

This is a five reel slots game which has a full twenty lines to bet on as well. If you like to play lots of lines this could be a good game to try.

How much can you bet on each line?

You can bet from five pence to fifty pounds on each line in this game. Once you multiply that by the number of lines you are going to play, you can get the total bet. It will also be displayed on the screen so you can see how much you want to bet per line and how much your total bet will be.

What kinds of symbols are used in the game?

The Odd Shaped Balls game is themed around the topic of rugby, so you will see lots of different rugby pictures as you spin the reels. This has a cartoon feel as well, so expect lots of burly rugby players constantly popping up on the screen.

You will win prizes according to how many matching symbols you rack up, with players in different shirts and combinations appearing as well. The wild symbol is easy to spot since this is a cartoon of some rugby fans, and the word 'wild' appears on the symbol as well.

Is there a bonus game on offer here?

There isn't a bonus game to be played but you should definitely keep an eye out for the streaker! This is another aspect of rugby that exists in real life as well, and it can be very lucky for you if a streaker runs across your screen here too.

You will need three or more to get lucky, and you can win between 15 and 25 free spins as a result. Add to that the fact that you get as much as ten times your stake for a win and you can see how good this game really is.

So think about playing Odd Shaped Balls now and see how you get on with it.