Once Upon A Time Slots

“Once upon a time, in a land far away, there was a 3D slot game like never before seen. Where sneaky Goblins ran amok stealing every valuable in sight; where a brave knight sets out to rescue a beautiful maiden, and where a dangerous menacing dragon stood in his way. You’re invited to a magical world of fantastic entertainment when you play Once Upon a Time.” This is the introduction to a fabulous 3D slot game you can play entitled Once Upon a Time Slots featured at Drake Casino.

Game Facts

A 5-reel, 30-payline bonus video 3D slot, Once Upon a Time has coin values starting with 5 cents to one dollar. The max bet is 150 coins. With a jackpot of 2500 coins, you can win more than that with the multiple bonus features. Be sure to read the pay table as it will show all the symbols and explain all the bonus features as well. When you get Ye Olde Big Win, the music is luscious and wonderful, so keep your sound on for this slot game.

The Green Dragon

The animated symbols in Once Upon a Time are fabulous, and include: Knight and Princess, the Green Dragon, Treasures, Roasted Turkey, Sword in a Stone, Three Goblins, Tree house, Sacks of Gold, Shield, Catapult, Ax, and Man playing a Horn. When the Green Dragon appears on reel 3, 1st position, it will trigger the Fire Starter Wild Reel. If the Treasures symbol appears on the reels when the wild reel is active, the wild reel will be held over for the next spin.

The Knight and the Princess Love Bonus

When the Knight and Princess symbols appear next to each other, love will ignite and you will receive an instant win. You can win over 1000 coins on this feature alone.

The Goblins Crazy Free Spins Round

When three Tree house symbols appear, this will activate the Free Spins Round. The Ax will be used on the Goblin’s Tree house three times. Suddenly, five Goblins will emerge from the tree house. Two will appear in front of the slot machine, while the other goes to get more. Then, all five stand in front of the slot machine as the 5 free spins commence. Payouts can be high here as each time a tree house appears during the free spins round you earn one extra spin. Note that one or more tree house symbols can appear during the free spins round. I just played the free spins round and won 21 free spins and 4960 coins!

Click Me Bonus Feature

When three or more Sacks of Gold appear, they will turn into the Click Me bonus feature. Choose one Click Me and earn an additional payout.

Goblin’s Treasure Bonus Round

When you get three or more Goblins, the Treasure Bonus Round will be activated. On a second screen, you will be told that the Goblins have found a way into the castle walls and have their eyes on a few shiny objects located o the shelves. They cannot wait to steal them. But, they do not have enough space to fit them all, so you have to help the Goblins choose three of these objects. Among them are, sack of gold; gold cup; gold candelabra, and a book. When all three objects are collect, you win a fabulous payout.

Save the Princess Bonus Round

One of the best animated features in this slot game is when three Knight symbols appear, activating the Save the Princess Bonus Round. Here you will be asked to choose a weapon to slay the dragon. He has the Princess locked in a cage hanging from a tree. The weapons are: Hammer, Catapult, Sword, and Steak. Choose one of these weapons and watch as the Knight rescues the Princess. Then you will be rewarded a handsome sum by her father, the King.

Once Upon a Time There Were No Mobile Slots!

Luckily modern technology means that while Once Upon a Time there was no such thing as mobile slots, there most definitely is now and Once Upon a Time mobile is simply superb. You may now take this outstanding fairy tale themed slot with you everywhere you go and when you enjoy this superbly optimized 5 reel slot on your Android or iOS mobile device you’ll be treated to some of the most fantastic graphics and 3D animations that you're likely to see on your tablet or smartphone. Once Upon a Time mobile slots is so easy to play and all of the sublime features and ways to win are of course all available on the mobile version, with the Princess, the brave Knight and those pesky goblins all serving up the mobile slots wins.

Play Once Upon a Time Slots

Besides awarding some of the highest payouts of any 3D slot, this slot game is entertaining, filled with bonus features, has fantastic animations and flourishing music. I rate this game as one of my top five 3D slots. Play Once Upon a Time Slots at Drake Casino. You’re going to love it!