Out of this World

Although not in the realm of the more sophisticated 3D slots, Out of this World Slots is another alien theme-based slot that does have a very high jackpot. It is easy to play and offers a bonus round that is nice, but not overwhelming. However, there are two alien characters that make Out of this World Slots worthwhile when you play it at Drake Casino.

Game Facts

A 5-reel, 9-payline bonus animated video slot, Out of this World has a jackpot worth 20,000 coins that can translate to $100,000 if you bet the max. You can play with coins starting at one cent to $5, with a max bet at $45. Although there are no wild or scatter symbols in this slot game, there is a Bonus symbol that will take you to the bonus round. It should be noted that you should turn down your sound as the screeching noises in this slot are like fingernails on a chalkboard.

Odd-Looking Aliens Pay Out Big!

The symbols in Out of this World Slots are quite unique to the game. Two of them are aliens, one green and one purple. There is also a planet symbol, and the flying saucer symbol. The rest are cards ace through 10.

The Bonus Game

In order to access the Bonus Game, you have to collect three flying saucers. One by one they will hover over the slot machine to the top middle and hover. When you collect all three, the bonus game begins. On a second screen, you will be shown six flying saucers. You will be asked to shoot each one. But there's a catch. You can only win when green aliens appear after selecting a space ship. If you should shoot a ship and a purple alien appears, the round is over.

Play Out of this World Slots at Drake Casino

If you enjoy alien theme-based slots that are easy to play and utilize wild and crazy symbols as well as offer a huge payout, then we invite you to play Out of this World Slots at Drake Casino.