Roberta's Castle Slots

We've seen other slots games with a castle-based theme. However we particularly liked the look of Roberta's Castle slots. The game comes from the RTG stable and it's got a nice bright game screen that is clearly based on the Rapunzel story. If that whets your appetite, let's find out more below.

How many reels and paylines does this slot have?

This game has a pretty traditional set-up, providing you with five reels and 20 paylines in all to play with.

What are your options for a minimum or maximum bet?

You have a wide range of bets to choose from here. The cheapest is one cent per activated payline, while you can go all the way up to $5 per line if you want to bet high. Consider your budget before you spin and remember to multiply your bet amount by the number of lines you want to play.

Does the Roberta's Castle slot game offer any special symbols?

The scatter symbol is the Roberta's Castle symbol, and this can get you some free spins. It can also pay out 250x your initial bet on the line it appears on if you get five of a kind.

The wild symbol is represented by none other than a prince. These are worth watching out for as they make it easier to get winning lines. In addition you can win double what you would have won when they contribute to a winning combination. If you're enjoying a free spin at the time you'll get six times the usual winnings for that line.

Does the game have a bonus level to find on a second screen?

Unfortunately no, there isn't a bonus round included with Roberta's Castle. This is one disappointment we have with the game. However there is a bonus of sorts in that you can win some free games during gameplay. This is done when you get at least three Roberta symbols popping up on the reels. If this happens you can look forward to 15 free spins!

Download and play Roberta's Castle slots today!

Even though there is no real bonus round here other than free games, this slots game is a pretty good one to play. It is easy to get to grips with and has some great prizes to shoot for. Check out Roberta's Castle today and see if it holds some prizes for you!