Boom Bucks Slots

If you are looking for a unique type of classic slot, then we have one for you. Boom Bucks Slots is a beautifully designed slot game, and one that you can play for hours. While the traditional symbols make this slot game traditional, it is the Boom Bucks meter that sets it apart from other classic slots.

About the Game

Basically a classic slot, with traditional symbols, Boom Bucks has a Boom Bucks Meter to the top left of the slot. To the right is the pay table. You can make two coin bets; 4 or 8. This means that the blue numbers are activated in the 4 bet mode while the 8 bet mode activates the red numbers. This can be akin to a roulette game, perhaps. After each spin, the extra reel on the right of the basic reel set will spin in time with the Boom Bucks Meter.

Playing the Game

Besides winning on the basic reels, the Boom Bucks meter will also help you to win payouts as well. The wheel contains payouts up to 100 credits. When you see the GO sign at the bottom of the slot, the number of coins light up in the Boom Bucks, and they are put in the Bucks Meter. When you see a Red Stop Sign, the Bucks Meter will return back to zero. The beauty of this game is that every spin will surprise you, particularly when you activate the Boom Bucks Meter. Also keep in mind that in order to bet 4 or bet 8, you will have to click on the choose bet once for 4, and twice for 8. This slot game takes a bit getting used to, but once you have it down pat, the payouts can certainly be lucrative.

Play Boom Bucks Slots

Obviously, this is a different kind of classic slot, but it does have its surprises. I kept getting 40 on the Meter which increased my payouts immensely. So join me and other players as we try to get that Boom Meter to go our way. Play Boom Bucks at our featured casinos.