Alkemor’s Tower Slots

Alkemor's Tower Slots

One of the most magnificently designed slots I've played, Alkemor's Tower Slots will, in my estimation, become one of the most popular slots online. This 3D slot, with its animations, background music suitable for this magical theme, and its payouts are like nothing you have ever seen. There are so many features in this game; it will take a few minutes to absorb them all. Having the opportunity to play Alkemor's Tower Slots, I highly recommend it as perhaps the most enjoyable and lucrative slot I've played in years. Because it is so packed with bonus features, let me begin with this rather long review.

Game Facts

A 5-reel, 243-way 3D bonus slot, Alkemor's Tower has a jackpot of 1750 coins; but you can earn even more than that just by playing even one of the many bonus features. I was lucky enough to win 10 spins in the Nature Feature for a total of 3625 coins, and 12 spins in a subsequent feature of Nature for a total of 4800 coins. And this was based on a 10 cent bet. The coin denominations range from 2 cents to $1, with a max bet of $150. There's no way you can't be a winner playing Alkemor's Tower Slots. This is one slot you will get addicted to. The slot game itself offers the following: choose your coin value; choose your bet level (go up to 5); Win Box, Bet Box, Max Bet (always choose); Spin button, Auto Play button, and the Double Up button. As Alkemor stands and/or levitates to the left of the slot machine, he is truly a wizard with many talents. Keep an eye on him, especially when you win the free spins. I won't give it away, but his actions are incredibly designed to bring you the best in visual and interactive activity.

Alkemor's Symbols

The symbols in Alkemor's Tower are beautifully designed and will surprise you as well. There is Alkemor, a crystal, a sundial, a ring, a bag of gems, a mushroom, a scroll, and a scale. Get all five Alkemor symbols and win 1750 coins. Get all five crystals and win 1000 coins.

The Elemental Spells

In this slot game, there are the four elements: Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. Each is represented by four colored bottles. They include a dark blue, red, light blue, and light brown bottle. These symbols are activated by combining the Spell Book on reels 1 and 2 with one of these elemental symbols on reel 3. It is the elemental spell on reel 3 that will determine what spell will be triggered. A Spell Book on reel 4 or on reels 4 and 5 will increase the spell's power.

The Water Elemental Spell

When this symbol (dark blue bottle) appears in the third reel, a water spell will be cast. Alkemor will summon a wave of water that will splash across the screen. All elemental and Spell Book symbols on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5 will turn wild. The Spell Book appearing on reel 1 will become a random payable symbol. Wins will be based on and multiplied by the number of Spell Book and Elemental symbols that activate this feature.

The Earth Elemental Spell

The light brown bottle is the Earth elemental. When it appears on reel 3, the Earth Spell will be cast. Alkemor will have his way with things during this earth-shaking moment. The Spell Book and the elemental symbols appearing on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5 will become wild. All other symbols will be replaced and a new set of symbols will appear.

The Air Elemental Spell

The light blue bottle represents the Air elemental spell. When it appears on reel 3, the spell will be cast by Alkemor in the form of a tornado. Again, the symbols on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5 become wild and all other symbols will simply fly off the reels. It's a tornado for goodness sakes. New symbols will replace the old. The Spell Book on reel 1 will become another symbol during the tornado.

The Fire Elemental Spell

The Red bottle is the Fire elemental spell. When it appears on reel 3 in a winning combination, Alkemor will cast yet another spell. This time, a huge ball of fire will emerge on the reels. As the reels erupt in flames, reels 2, 3, 4, and 5 become wild. Along with the Spell Book on reel 1 being transformed into a random symbol, extra wild symbols will be added.

Free Spins' Nature Feature

This is one of the most incredible features I've ever seen. When you get three or more Spell Books, one of which is covered with a vine; you will be taken to Alkemor's Nature Floor; a second screen in which all of nature's flowers will appear. Her you can win up to 15 free spins. There are 5 symbols in this free spins round, but one of them is the key. It is the vine. When you spin the reels and the vine appears on reel 3, it will capture all 8 surrounding blocks on the reels. Each of these blocks will then be given a random sum. Once eaten, the Vine will reveal how much you earned on that free spin. As I mentioned in the opening paragraph, I won a total of 8425 coins on this one feature.

Free Spins Celestial Feature

This is the second of the free spins feature playing Alkemor's Tower. Get all three magical Books (one with a special sun symbol on it) and you will trigger the free spins round. Winning up to 15 spins, you will again experience a spectacular round. There are 5 symbols in this round as well, but the Black Hole is the one to watch out for. When it appears on reel 2 or 4, it will devour its neighboring blocks on the reels. As with the Nature Feature, each block will have its own reward.

Double Up Feature

This is a simple enough feature. You can double your winnings after each win by clicking on the Double Up Button located at the bottom of the slot machine. Choose between heads or tails on the coin displayed and you can really win big here. You can use this function as many times as you wish, however, note that if you choose incorrectly, you lose all winnings.

Run, Join, and Play Alkemor's Tower Slots

Perhaps the most exquisite 3D slot I've ever played, I highly recommend you join our featured casino and play the new and exciting Alkemor's Tower Slots. The only word I can use to describe this slot game is Awesome!