72 Fortunes Slots

72 Fortunes is monkeys meets martial arts. Sounds bizarre, but makes sense upon context and proves once again that Betsoft is always taking calculated risks when it comes to publishing new slots. The artwork is unmatched, the backdrop is animated and there is an angry looking monkey to the left of the reels, ready to pounce in a warrior stance. The monkey warrior man has some sort of stick and is coated in armor. Aside from the monkey, the background displays a fog covered mountain top with greenery and jagged cliffs. The game is played on a unique four reel one pay line format, and wins are formed from the left to to the right. The atmosphere is certainly darling, too.


The top paying symbols are the green symbols, and those symbols pay out 222.00 when you land three of them. The second most important symbols are the red symbols, which feature a fierce face and payout of 42.00. The third highest paying symbols are the blue monkey symbols which pay out 17.00 for a match of three. The two lowest paying symbols are the brown weapon symbols. With this game, any three mask symbols will pay out 4.50 and it doesn't matter if they match or not. Any three random weapons will pay out 1.50, and once again matching doesn't matter for this payout either. Any three symbols period pays out 0.75. Reels one, two and three contain symbols for standard win events, and the fourth reel will reward additional bonus wins. Every winning payout you land on three reels means you could potentially trigger a feature event on the fourth reel.

Fourth reel features that could be triggered include an instant win bonus, where you'll win either 8x to 18x your current bet. You might activate a multiplier bonus, which means a multiplier valued at 2x, 5x or 8x your bet will be applied to your line win. Another bonus symbol you might land is the respin bonus symbol, which means when this event is triggered all reels will respin and give out an identical win on reels 1, 2 and 3. You'll also receive a multiplier attached, valued at 1x, 2x, 3x or 4x. Every time a respin lands again, the feature will reoccur and result in up to five respins, if you're lucky enough! All just for landing a single win. Every time another respin occurs, one, two or three reels will stop and show the same win that occurred when the respin bonus began originally. Reel four will stop and either a blank symbol will appear or another respin symbol. Every time a respin symbol is displayed the win is accumulated and the reels will spin again. During the respin bonus, the reels will show the same winning combination until the 4th reel no longer stops on the respin symbol. This multiplier will be awarded by random rather than by sequence. You can win up to five respins, and each respin will award one of the multipliers I previously mentioned.


This is a unique game, with stand out artwork and interesting special features. The well animated game grid combined with the uniquely simplistic format and abundance of special features gives this game a one of a kind sort of feel to it. Plus. you can play this game in demo mode, so if you don't want to make any real money bets right away, you can monkey around (pun intended) on the reels until you're ready. This game is also mobile phone friendly, so if you primarily play on the go via your mobile device, you should be able to access this Betsoft slot.