Bewitched Slots

In one of the most stunning slots I have reviewed this year, Bewitched will bring you hours of pleasure. This is a Provably Fair game from Slotland, and I highly recommend you play it at our recommended casinos. The game is beautifully designed with shaded woods in the background; a giant Owl to the left of the slot, and a gorgeous butterfly Fairy to the right.

What are the Facts of Bewitched Slots?

Bewitched Slots is a 6 reel Mega Matrix Slot with 20 pay lines playing both ways.

What is Mega Matrix?

Mega Matrix is a NEW series of slot games that utilize multipliers as payouts instead of dollar payouts. This new way of presenting multiplier payouts has become a rave among US players and rightly so. There are currently four new Mega Matrix Slots that we have reviewed. They are: Big Heads Slots, Candy Paradise Slots, Zoomania Slots, and now Bewitched Slots. We look forward to many more Mega Matrix Slots being introduced in 2022.

What are the Betting Options?

When you click on the 3 horizontal lines at the bottom left, you will be taken to the Betting Page. The minimum bet is 40 cents with the max at 400 coins or $4.00 per spin. You can also access the Auto Play and Sound from this page. At the bottom of the slot, you will see the betting options. Note the coin value is one cent, followed by 40 coins, 80 coins, 150 coins, 240 coins, and the max of 400 coins.

Where Can I Find the Pay Table?

Once again, at the bottom left of the slot, click on the 3 horizontal lines, then Game Help, and you will be taken to the Pay Table where all the information you need to know about the slot is displayed. Simply scroll down to read the info.

What are the Special Features in this Game?

There are two special symbols in this game: the Wild and the Bonus symbol. The Wild symbol will assist you in winning combinations. The Bonus symbol will activate the Bonus Game. What is also unique about this game is that there are no dollar payouts, but multiplier payouts instead.

The Symbols: Get all Six Like Symbols to Win Huge Multipliers

The Highest paying symbol is the Butterfly Fairy. Get all six to win 1000xs your bet. As you go down the list of symbols, the next highest symbol is a Woman with Black Horns. She will pay 750xs your bet if you get all six. Next is the Owl, who will pay 500xs your bet; followed by 250xs, 150xs, 100xs, 60xs, 30xs, 15xs, and 10xs.

The Bonus Game

When you get three Bonus symbols, this will trigger the Pick Me Bonus Game and garner you instant coin prizes.

Can I Play Bewitched for Fun and for Real Money?

Yes. This game is available in Demo Mode meaning you can play it for free at our participating casinos. If you wish to play for real money, simply join the casino.

Is Bewitched Slots Available for Mobile Users?

Yes. This game is available for Android and iOS mobile devices.


What a slot game this is! Even though there are card symbols in this game, they are small enough that they do not interfere with the game. Bewitched is lucrative, enjoyable, and fun to play. I highly recommend you play this game at our participating casinos. It is absolutely fabulous!