Global Cup Soccer Slots

In the world of classic slots, you would be amazed at the sheer number of classic slots available online today. The themes run from A to Z, and many of these slot games are as easy to play as tic-tac-toe. Global Cup Soccer Slots is a classic slot game that is just as easy to play. Many nations have gathered together to play this game on the field that is the background. This slot will cover your entire screen, and I’ve noticed that this is a new trend for slot games.

About the Game

The symbols in this game are anything but traditional. They all relate to the soccer theme of this slot. The pay table is located to the left of the slot and at the top of the slot are the flags of many nations. You can view the pay table as you play so that you can ascertain the symbols and payouts. There is also a special feature in this game, and we will tell you about it in the next section of this review.

Playing the Game

Global Cup Soccer Slots only requires 3 coins. It is up to you to decide how much you wish to bet. Suffice to say since the max bet is $30, it would be to your advantage to bet the max. Here’s why. If you get three Referee symbols on the center line, you can win 2500 coins with a max bet. If you bet two coins, you can win 1500 coins; and if you bet one coin, you can win 750 coins. Not bad, right? But here is the special feature. If you get a Gold, Silver, or Bronze trophy in any order on the pay line, you will win 3xs your bet. But if you get these trophies in the right order, you will win 5xs your bet.


This is a super game to play considering that Soccer has become a national pastime both in the US and abroad. We highly recommend you play Global Cup Soccer Slots and go for the gold in this game.