Best of Luck Slots

The introduction to the slot game Best of Luck implies that there is a mystery to this game. However, if you look at all the symbols, you will see something entirely different. All of the symbols refer to “luck.” But don’t let these symbols fool you as there is a mystery here, and that is what is missing from the Treasure Chest in the introduction? Only you can find out when you play Best of Luck slots at our recommended casinos.

About the Game

To illustrate that you can win with just a penny ($2 per spin); I won free spins on the first spin and 6 bonus features in a row. The payout was over $600. I recommend you read the pay table as it shows the symbols, payouts, special features, and rules of the game. There is an Auto Play button available as well.

Playing the Game

Best of Luck is a fabulous and very lucrative slot game. If you were as lucky as I was to get the free spins and the bonuses, you will be in hog heaven. The bonus rounds I won were on the wishbone (3 times), the four-leaf clover, the keys, and the lady bug. If I had bet the max, I would have won over $15,000. Needless to say, this is an awesome game to play. Now there are three important symbols in this game. The Jade Elephant, The Green Ring, and the Wild Kitty (could be a pendant). If you get all five of each, you will win 2500 coins, 7500 coins, and 10,000 coins, respectively.

Free Spins Round

Here is what should have been in the Treasure Box. If you get 3 bags of gems, you will win 4 free spins; 4 bags of gems will win you 5 free spins; and 5 bags of gems will garner you 6 free spins. Win the same bonus round 3 times during the same set to win 3 more free spins. But if you get 4 symbols you will double your wins, and if you get 5 symbols, you will triple your wins. I went back again after writing this review, and on the first spin I won 4 free spins along with four bonus rounds. Amazing!


Best of Luck Slots is a must play game. The payouts you can win are unbelievable, especially if you bet the max. The bonus rounds are extraordinary; ingenious; and designed for players who love interactive game play.