Bigfoot Fortunes Slots

Bigfoot Fortunes is a brand new slot set to debut on April 1st 2024. This exhilarating game is played on six reels and features four rows of symbols along with a plethora of thrilling special features. This game is an adrenaline-fueled adventure for the ages. This is a low volatility slot, which means you should expect frequent but smaller payouts. The RTP for this game rests around 94.1% and it should be noted that this intriguing game is played on 4,096 pay lines.


This game plays heavily into the myth of Bigfoot. This mysterious monster has been seen around the world for ages, and whether he exists or not is debatable. Nonetheless, put yourself in the role of a harmless tourist enjoying a lavish mountain resort. You're going on a walk through the dense woods, enjoying the spiraling freshwater river and high mountains. The graphics are gorgeous, with lifelike detail and subtle elements like a cloud of fog and the twinkling night sky filled with stars. The game is filled with numerous symbols that better depict what mountain life is like when Bigfoot is on the loose and could pop up at any time. Some of the symbols include binoculars, perfect for spying on the hairy beast. They also have a camera symbol to snap some candid pictures, along with a campfire, which you'll need to keep warm! They also have a full moon symbol with a mysterious surprise, a large but rather ominous footprint that might belong to the long lost Sasquatch. The rest of the symbols consist of a Rangers hat, and a lantern along with classic low paying symbols like Ace, Jack, Queen, King and Ten. Of course, the game wouldn't be complete without Bigfoot himself! He represents the games bonus symbol, while the Rangers compass used to located the Bigfoot and navigate around the woods operates as the bonus symbol. All of the ingredients are there for an excellent game, but the question is whether or not Bigfoot Fortune succeeds in its portrayal of the legendary monster.

This game is optimized for mobile compatibility, so you can pull the game up using a web browser on your smartphone device. It's compatible with IOS and Android-powered devices, whether we're talking an iPad or tablet, or a simple smartphone. Bigfoot Fortune is also playable in demo mode, so you can test the game out before making any real money wagers or committing to the game in any way. Design wise, the game is crafted to mimic a typical camping/explorer experience, this is even visible in small elements like the graphic design of the menu. This theme is original, for certain. While games focused on myths or legends aren't exactly uncommon, It's not as often to run across a quality Bigfoot-themed slot. It's a great game to play while watching your favorite Bigfoot documentary!


The ultimate goal of this game is to track Bigfoot, which is no easy task. After all, explorers have been doing it for years! In fact, many native tribes have witnessed Bigfoot-like creatures. Lucky for you, you have all the tools to track Bigfoot and at least snatch up some evidence! There is a Bigfoot Expanding Wilds feature where you can fill up the entire reel with a 2x multiplier. If you collect three or more of the Foot symbols, you'll receive a plethora of free spins! Enjoy fifteen free spins, and during those free spins expanding wilds come with a random 2x, 3x or 5x multiplier. If you collect three or more compass symbols during the free spins round, you'll activate the Wild Encounter Pick and Click bonus game, where you'll have a chance to land even more wins!