African Rampage Slots

African Rampage Slots is a fantastic slot game with a theme that most players enjoy. In the intro, we see an animated Rhino. Other animal symbols include Wolf, Bear, Eagle, Moose, and card symbols. But it is the Rhino that is the star of this show.

Slot Game Developer

The provider is Spinomenal, who is designing superb slot games!

Play African Rampage Slots in Demo Mode

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The Theme of this Game

African Rampage is an African theme-based slot.

The Game Design

The game is in the African plains, where we find most wildlife. The grass is beige with acacia trees in the background. The payouts come rapidly. While this game is for high rollers, regular slot players can use the lower denominations and still win.

Type of Slot

African Rampage Slots is a 5x4 bonus video slot.

Active Pay Lines

African Rampage Slots is a 1,024 all ways pay slot.

Betting Options

The betting begins at one cent and goes up to $10. The total max bet per spin is $500.

Paytable Location

To access the paytable, click on the Question Mark at the bottom left corner of the slot.

Bonus Game

Three or more Mystery Coins will trigger either a Bonus Game or a Free Spins game, depending on the spinning coin outcome.


Three coins displayed on the slot will trigger a large coin with the spinning text of Bonus and Free Spins. The spinning text will randomly stop, showing one of the two. If the coin displays a Free Spins text, it will trigger the free spins game. If the coin shows a Bonus text, it starts the Bonus Game.


Three or more Mystery Coin symbols will trigger the spinning coin feature. If the coin lands on its Bonus side, the bonus game commences. During the bonus game, the player will be presented with a wheel of fortune that includes three types of jackpots. The player will receive one attempt at spinning the wheel and win a multiplier up to 1000xs the total bet. The player will have the option of purchasing another spin as long as he did not win any of the three jackpots. If the player buys another spin, the winning amount adds to the previous bonus winnings. The total bet is the same as the game that triggered the bonus round.


Three or more Coin symbols will trigger the spinning coin feature. The free spins game begins if the spinning text stops on Free Spins. During free spins, the player receives four progress bars of medium symbols. The player needs to collect five Scatter Golden Rhino symbols to complete each progress bar. When completing a medium symbol progress bar, the player receives five extra free spins, and the completed medium symbol converts to the Rhino for the rest of the free spins round. The Golden Rhino symbol counts as a regular Rhino symbol.


While the reels are spinning, an extra 4-7 of one of the medium symbols will appear on the slot and increase the player’s winning chances. There is also a Wild symbol in this game. The Multiplier is up to 50xs.

RTP in this Game

The Return to Player is 96.3%.

Players Scored this Game

Players have given African Rampage Slots a popularity score of 5.

Winning African Rampage Slots

Many players have won by playing African Rampage Slots.

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Play African Rampage Slots On Your Mobile Device

African Rampage Slots is compatible with iOS and Android devices.


African Rampage Slots is yet another slot game wherein Spinomenal presents unique features that are new and exciting. And they keep on coming with every slot game we have reviewed from this superb provider. We highly recommend playing African Rampage Slots at our participating online casinos.