Joker’s Jewels Slots

I’ve played many a slot game, but Joker’s Jewels Slots is so unique and so lucrative, that you’ll want to play for hours. Here is the reason why. The Payable is located at the top of the slot machine. However, depending upon your bet, the payouts change according to how much you bet. This is most unusual, but exciting. When you hit a winning combination, meaning that symbols must be in consecutive order from left to right, the corresponding symbol(s) will light up on the payable above the slot, and the amount of your win will be shown at the bottom of the slot as well.

About Joker’s Jewels Slots

The intro to Joker’s Jewels Slots states that “Joker's Jewels™ is a 3 x 5, 5 lines mechanical slot with a very strong payable for amazing big wins.” Not only is that true, but the symbols totally reflecting the title of the game. Moreover, there are no cards in this game. It is pure and and very lucrative. There are 8 symbols at the top of the slot, each one pays out huge amounts. At the bo0ttom of the slot game, you can arrange your bets by clicking on the minus sign to the left of the spin button. Here you will be able to choose the number of lines you wish to play, and the bet per line. This is so important in this game, because if you choose not to bet the max, you will lose out on the chance to win $50,000! This amount will be paid out when you get all five Jokers, as you can see from the payable atop the slot machine. In addition, there is an Auto lay and Turbo Speed button you can utilize at any time. There is an actual pay table that you can read as well. This is a multi-page informational pay table that will show the symbols again, as well as the general rules of the game. We recommend you read it before playing the game.

Playing the Game

Now consider this: if you bet one cent and 1 pay line, for example, the payouts for all symbols drop dramatically. If you get 5 Jokers, the payout is 5000 coins. Now, if you bet the max and all lines, the payout for the 5 Jokers is 50,000 coins. Thus, it is the line factor that will increase the total payouts. Another interesting feature is that if you bet one cent and all lines, the 50,000 coin payout is still in effect., however, the number of credits you have remaining is lowered dramatically. Thus, the best way to play this game is to ensure that ALL lines are in play, and place the coin bet according to what you can afford. With a total bet of $25 per spin, it is worth every penny to go for it all.

Play Joker’s Jewels Slots

What I particular love about this slot game is that not only is the payable located at the top, but you can see the value of each symbol depending upon your bet. In addition, with each win, the symbol will light up at the top and show you exactly what you have won. The payout is also shown at the bottom. In fact, when I won on two lines, it was very exciting to see two of the symbols’ lights go off. When I got the 3 Jokers, which took about 20 minutes, this was even more exciting. The payout was 1000 coins. Honestly, this is a fabulous game to play and I invite you to join me and with other players to play Joker’s Jewels Slots at our recommended casinos.