Klondike Fever Slots

Klondike probably isn’t an unusual name to you, but when you read the phrase Klondike Fever, you may well cast your mind back into history to learn about the Gold Rush. One of the most famous spots was in the Yukon, where Klondike Fever took hold.

So, can this Wager Gaming slot replicate the thrill of that time and transfer it onto this set of reels? There is only one way to find out whether that is true.

Reels and win lines

This is a strange game, because not only do you get five reels in action, you get five paylines too. Normally, you’d see more lines than this when five reels are involved, but that is how many we get here.

Coin values to choose from

If you know how much the coins are worth in other games from this software developer, you might guess those coins are in play here too. They are indeed, ranging from a cent to $10 each.

Klondike Fever icons to watch out for

Klondike Fever is different from how you might imagine it to be. If you are searching for a gold nugget as a wild, you won’t find one. No other icons are used as wilds either, which is unusual for a five-reel game. And with no scatter to look for, you have got just seven icons to watch out for with each spin.

That means one of those icons must appear consecutively from left to right at least three times to score a win for you.

Are there bonuses to claim here too?

No – that’s the simple answer here. With no wild in action and no other special bonus symbols, the game doesn’t have any triggers for a bonus, so one is not included. This is a basic five-reel game, to be sure.

Download and enjoy a spin on the Klondike Fever slot today!

Well, we doubt you will get Klondike Fever for sure playing this game. It is a nice slot, but it isn’t anything special. If you would like to check it out, you can – just don’t expect anything with a ‘wow’ factor. This is a very early entry into their slot games collection, so that tells us why it is so basic. Will it be too basic for you? Find out today by trying it for size to see if you can win anything.