2 Million B.C. Slots

One of the most brilliantly designed slot games offering plenty of interaction and loads of fun can be found in 2 Million B.C. Slots. This 3D slot is available at Drake Casino and, for my money; it ranks high on my list of slot games around. The animations are wildly amusing, and this caveman/cavewoman theme-based slot will provide you with hours of enjoyment as there are several bonus features. We highly recommend you visit Drake Casino and play this fantastic slot.

Game Facts

A 5-reel, 30-payline bonus video slot, 2 Million B.C. will keep you laughing out loud for hours. In fact, this slot game tells a story about a day in the life of a couple; with the caveman acting as the chief character watching as you spin the reels. He is hysterical with his dancing and pumping fists with every win. More about him later as he plays an integral part of this story. The coin denominations are ideally suited to all slot players and range from 2 cents to 50 cents, with a max bet of 150 coins. The jackpot is 2500 coins, but you can win even more with the bonus features. To get the most out of this 3D slot, we recommend you bet the max. Additionally, we advise you to read the pay table as it imparts important information on the symbols' payouts as well as the bonus features.

B.C. Symbols

The symbols in 2 Million B.C. include the Caveman, Cavewoman, stone necklace, saber tooth tiger (who is another absolutely funny character), a ruby, diamonds, acorns, an odd -looking bee, a rolling stone, a stone carving, a large vase, a weapon, and what looks like a shape similar to Stonehenge.

The Campfire Free Spins Round

When you get three or more Campfire symbols, you will win the free spins round. You can win 4 spins initially with 3 of this symbols but you can also win many more free spins when three or more campfires turn up during this round. One of the many 3D features in this round is that the free spins occur at night. Keep an eye on caveman to the right of the slot during this bonus round.

The Acorns Bonus Round

When you get three or more acorn symbols, here is where you become an integral part of the storyline. The caveman climbs to the top of the slot machine and gathers the acorns. At the bottom, the Saber Tooth tiger begins walking back and forth. Your "aim" is to help the caveman hit the tiger with the acorn. It's not easy, but when you do the rewards are great.

The Diamond Bonus Award

Getting three or more diamond symbols takes you to yet another bonus round that is truly outstanding. But before you are taken to a second screen, the cavewoman tells the caveman that the tiger stole her diamond. With all his manly power and his weapon, the caveman goes to retrieve it. Now here is where you come in. You are given three choices in order to help the caveman get the diamond: you can Sneak Up on the tiger; Attack the tiger, or Amuse the tiger. We will not describe these actions but will tell you that they are the funniest things we have ever seen in a slot game. Once the caveman retrieves the diamond, you are awarded a grand prize.

Play 2 Million B.C. Slots

If you want to have hours of fun and win lots of money, visit Drake Casino and play 2 Million B.C. Slots. It is an awesome slot game!