Vikings Age Slots

Having just played the new Viking Age Slots, only one word can describe it - spectacular! It is so unconventional that at first, you have to marvel at the design, graphics, animations, and sounds. Unlike traditional slot games in which you have the line numbers on either side of the slot, Vikings Age Slots simply shows the total number you are betting per line, i.e., 1-5. Moreover, set at a cave's entrance, runes are used to display coin size, bet per line, number of lines, spin, and max spin. But what sets this slot game apart from all the rest is the central character - Amma. She stands to the right of the slot and pumps her arms with every win. Moreover, each symbol is gloriously animated and shown as a single video clip. Simply amazing!

Game Facts

Vikings Age Slots is a 5-reel, 30-payline bonus video slot with a jackpot worth $7500. The coin denominations range in size from 2 cents to 50 cents for a total of $150 per spin if you bet the max. There are 30 winning combinations and bonus features you won't believe, so we advise you click on "view pays" (paytable) located at the top right corner of the slot machine to learn about these features.

Amma is Pumped!

If you've studied Viking history, you assuredly know about the Rune Stones, Valhalla, and Odin. This background will make this slot game even more enjoyable. The symbols in Vikings Age Slots are fabulous and include Amma, two Viking warriors, helmet, the ship, a giant axe, crown, the bow of the ship, the Rune stone, arm wrestling image, and the wheel of the ship. There are three different bonus rounds in Vikings Age Slots, and each one is as fabulous and lucrative as the other.

Welcome to Valhalla!

When you get three or more helmet symbols, you will trigger the Rune Stone Feature. Five doors marked with a single inscription appear. Then the inscriptions are shown on the right side of the cave wall highlighted in blue. After you select one of these inscriptions on the stone, it literally comes out of the wall. When Amma pushes the stone back into the wall, the inscription you chose is revealed when the rune stone door with the same marking is opened. You can win free spins, instant credit, or the bonus round.

Amma's Free Spins

When Amma appears three or more times, another incredible sequence of events occurs. She calls over two hulky Vikings who then pull down the Viking head stones located on both sides of the slot machine. Multipliers are then revealed as well as the 8 free spins you are awarded. But here's the beauty of this feature, the multipliers revolve with each free spin and if you get a winning combination, the multipliers are again highlighted in blue and you are awarded the amount won.

The Arm Wrestling Match

This is perhaps one of the most ingenious aspects of this bonus feature. When you get three or more arm wrestling symbols, you will trigger this match between the two Vikings. First, you will select one of the two Vikings. Then, at the bottom of the screen, you will see a coin. You have to choose heads or tails. Each time you pick the correct side, one of the Vikings' arms moves towards a win and you collect a reward. You continue choosing heads or tails until one man is victorious. You are then awarded the total bonus prize claiming victory.

New Age of Slots

With 3D HDTV and the like, it makes perfect sense that 3D slots have become the wave of the future in online gaming. Viking Age Slots is among the first of many to offer slot players a new and exciting gaming experience. This is the new age of slots, and we highly recommend you play Viking Age Slots at our recommended Bet Online casino. There is a new age of slot games that are generating lots of excitement online and Bet Online casino gives at all.