Spy Game Slots

Spy Game Slots by Rival is an I-slot game, and those of you who are familiar with this new and distinctive format know to expect graphics and sound par excellence. Suffice it to say that you won’t be disappointed with Spy Game Slots! This five line, fifteen-payline video slot game allows players to take on the role of a top secret agent for the Super Spy Agency. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will take place in several stages. Your first mission is presented during the opening video, and you are to neutralize a factory that has been secretly producing weapons of mass destruction.

Your Three Missions with Super Spy Agency

In order to do this, Spy Game Slots tells you that it is necessary to make a bomb by getting three of the Bomb Scatter icons. You only see these during free spins, and you must have the Dynamite, Explosive Wire, and Detonator symbols. Once these are collected, the player sets off a bomb. For the second mission, you must collect three Sniper Rifle Assembly symbols, which consist of a stock, a gun barrel, and a scope. You’ll need the rifle to shoot the guards in this mission. The third mission has players collecting Getaway reel symbols, like a Jet plane, a Grapnel Hook, and a Car, all needed to make a clean getaway with the spy cash! A Game Map button at the top right of the screen will help players keep up with where they are in their missions, which can also be called Bonus rounds. This is because players who complete the three bonus rounds get a cash prize at the end of each round.

Great Graphics and Wager Amounts in Spy Game Slots

Reel icons for the game include a Camera, a Pistol, a Martini complete with olive, a James Bond-ish character that is seen in the opening video, a beautiful Lady, an aluminium Briefcase, a Missile, a sports Car, a red, pointy Bomb, a Top Secret File, a Detonator, and an Explosive Wire. Spy Game Slots accepts wagers from one cent up to fifty cents per line. The maximum bet is $37.50 per spin, but players may play each line by wagering a mere fifteen cents.

Free Spins and Bonus Scatters

Three or more of the Pistol reel symbols will trigger ten free spins while playing Spy Game Slots. During free spins, the Wild symbol has a 3x multiplier. The Wild Symbol for Spy Game Slots is the Top Secret File, and it will substitute for all of the other symbols in the game except for the Pistol symbol that represents free spins, and the Bonus Scatter symbols that pop up during free games. The Pistol symbol is also the regular Scatter symbol for the game. Spy Game Slots is one of the more popular I-slots in online casinos today. Play for real money or for free today!