Super Diamond Mine Slots

Super Diamond Mine Slots is a game designed for the slot player who wants something a little more exciting and unique than the standard format.

Download video slots for your computer and choose Super Diamond Mine Slots and you're ready to go. While the slot layout is classic with five reels, nine paylines, vibrant graphics, realistic sounds, four buttons and big jackpots, the way you play is far more unusual. Look out for the diamond symbols and which way they're pointing; you could find yourself on the bonus round. As ever, this is a game of luck spurred on with skill, and beginners will find it easy to pick up on the little techniques that start the prizes coming in.

Diamond advice:

Read carefully because the game-play on this slot is unique. Firstly, you can bet $0.01, $0.05, $0.25, $0.50, $1 or $5 on each spin, and on each spin you can select up to eight of the nine paylines to play with.

Diamond symbols appear on the reels, behind the actual; symbol that is printed on each card. These point in different directions, and can mean that diamonds get deposited on the paylines. When a diamond appears on one of the paylines you have selected, it gets put into the diamond meter which goes all the way up to 99. When the meter reaches 99 you get thrust into the bonus round; a game where the winnings are multiplied and the chances of getting the big money are raised. The trick here is to take notice of how many paylines you're selecting during each go.

Sparkling symbols:

The most important symbols in this game are the various diamonds that appear. Firstly the cascading diamond is a diamond pointing either up or down. It will then drop multiples of itself either up or down (depending on which way it's pointing) to the cards above or below it and increase the payout for that turn.

Keep an eye out for the animated diamonds appearing on the paylines too!

Bonus rounds:

There is just one bonus round in this game, but it's an exciting one. Don't be alarmed when your diamonds meter reaches 99 and the screen explodes; this is just the beginning sequence of the bonus game, during which you direct a diamond mining gnome through various mines to collect prizes. The bonus game ends when you travel through a mine that collapses, but you still get to keep any prizes you won along the way - some of which can reach up to 4950 coins. Collect five prize symbols during the bonus round and you could win 10,000 coins.

Diamonds are a slots player's best friend:

If the unique state of play with this slot game is a bit baffling then you can download video slots, create an account and play for free before you make a deposit and start to wager with real money. Once you've singed up and got the hang of it, you can start raking in the prizes with the help of this game's featured diamond mining gnome.