Triple 7 Inferno Slots

Triple 7 Inferno is a video slot game that kicks it old school style, and is designed from the ground up to reward the more hardcore players out there. Ever hear the expression, "Fortune Favors the Brave?" They were talking about this game. Stylistically, it's based straight from a classic three reel one-armed bandit, complete with coin slot and shiny metal handle. In many ways, this is a game for slot connoisseurs - people who remember how much fun yanking the handle in smoky dives was. It's not overly glitzy, and it's not overloaded with annoying whistles and bells - but then, it's not trying to be. For the original, classic video slot experience, try Triple 7 Inferno Slots today: just visit our favorite RTG casino and test drive it for free.

Feel the Fire

Triple 7 Inferno is one of the most straightforward and simple video slot games in existence - it's simply impossible to get lost with this one. Everything you need to know is right in front of you. You're looking at three reels, all covered with classic symbols. You'll be spinning said reels, and trying to get the symbols to line up with each other along the center "pay" line. When they do, the game spits out cash. It couldn't be more simple, or more rewarding.

Any Sevens Pay

The symbol set used in Triple 7 Inferno is a standard, classic set lifted from time immemorial. Interestingly, the game actually pays out if you hit a line of blanks - probably the only game in history that rewards you for hitting nothing. The rest of the set is made up of single bars, double bars and triple bars, followed by Red 7s, and Flaming 7s. While obviously the game pays most of matching sets of the same symbols, it will also pay out for complete lines made up of mismatched Bars or mismatched 7s, which always helps to swell your stack along the way.

Building the Biggest Inferno

Being that Triple 7 Inferno is a classic video slot, it doesn't have a special bonus mini-game the way some newer video slots do. However, there are still strategies you can employ to get the most out of it. This mostly has to do with the number of coins you play. If you examine the pay table, you'll see that the lower order Bar wins are exactly the same whether you're playing 1, 2 or 3 coins. The only way to access the Inferno wins is if you play double coins. The biggest wins are accessed by playing 3 coins, however - and are double what you get playing 2 coins. Thus, the strategy for getting the most out of this game is to always play 3 coins.