Alice and the Mad Tea Party

Did you know that the original title of the most beloved fairy tale of all was "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland?" Well, do we have a new slot for you! It is entitled, Alice and the Mad Tea Party Slots. Among every slot I have reviewed and played, this slot game takes the cake - literally. Alice has more than 7 bonus features, and each one is more lucrative than the other. Thus, we are excited to review the new and exciting Alice and the Mad Tea Party Slots. Note that although Alice is not open to US players, we do have similar theme-based slots you can play such as Aladdin's Wishes Slots, Roberta's Castle Slots, Rapunzel Slots, Pinocchio Slots, Wooden Boy Slots, and more.

Game Facts

A 5-reel, 30-payline progressive bonus video slot, Alice is not your ordinary slot game. What makes Alice so unique among slots is, first and foremost, there are no line numbers. The slot is set with a background that is right out of the book - a wonderland. Another unique feature is that unlike other slots wherein you have to click to find the coin denomination, there is a minimum and maximum button at the lower left hand part of the slot which delineates how much you can wager. For example: If you click on minimum, the coin denominations are clearly shown as follows: £.50 Spin to £100 Spin. Whichever denomination you choose, that amount appears on the Spin button. Another thing you will notice is that if you hold your mouse over the 100 Spin, the breakdown of the pay lines appear as follows: "30 lines x 2.00 per line + 40.00 Feature Bet = 100 Total Bet." We highly recommend you read the pay table, the first button at the bottom left that says "help/pays." There is a lot of ground to cover in this slot game, and the more you know, the more you will be successful in playing Alice and the Mad Tea Party fascinating new slot game.

Alice in Wonderland Symbols

There are several key symbols in Alice and the Mad Tea Party Slots. The Alice Logo symbol is wild and substitutes for all other symbols except the Feature symbol. The Feature symbol appears on reels 1, 3, and 5 only. There is a Wild logo symbol that appears on reels 2 and 5 only. Other symbols include the White Rabbit, a bottle with a tag that says "drink me;" a cake with a tag that says "eat me;" a teapot and two cups; and the symbols for hearts, spades, diamonds, and clubs. You will also get glimpses of these characters: The Cheshire Cat, The Queen of Hearts, The Caterpillar, and The Mad Hatter.

Let's Have a Tea Party!

There are multiple bonus features in Alice and the Mad Tea Party Slots. So let's take them one by one.

The Super Mad Respin Feature

When 3 Alice logo symbols appear on reel 1, this feature will be triggered. Three teapots will appear atop the slot machine. Choose one of three teapots. Here is what each teapot represents: Alice + Spin will award you up to 3 Alice logo symbols locked randomly on the reels. This is followed by a re-spin. The second teapot could reveal Alice + End. Here, up to 3 Alice symbols will be randomly placed and locked onto the reels. The re-spin feature will then end, and your total winnings will be awarded. The third teapot will award a Spin. Note: Having played this re-spin round, I accumulated 12 Alice logos for a total of over £8000.00 - the first time. The second time I garnered over £5000.00.

Mad Tea Party Free Spins Feature

Get three or more Feature logo symbols, and you will trigger the Mad Tea Party Free Spins Round. Here, you will win 6 free spins. But before the spins begin, there will be teapots located at the top of the slot machine. These teapots can reveal multipliers up to 3xs, turn the card symbols into wilds, or award you the Super Mad Respin feature, in which you can earn an additional 7 re-spins.

The Alice Feature

Alice may appear at anytime while playing the base game. When she does, you will see an animated video above the slot. During this time, Alice will change any one of the 5 reels into wilds, as long as no other feature symbols appear.

The Cheshire Cat Feature

Here again, the Cheshire Cat can appear any time as long as no other feature appears. He will scurry around the slot machine and place wilds randomly on the reels. He can change up to 10 reel positions into wilds.

The Queen Feature

The Queen of Hearts will appear after any spin that did not award the feature. When she does, look at the top of the slot as she appears from stage right, and four soldiers appear from stage left. Each soldier represents a card suit. Choose one and you win the value of that card suit. Here, you can win up to £500. But there's more. After you choose a card, that symbol will be replaced by the Queen's crown on the reels and become wild.

The Caterpillar Feature

The Caterpillar can appear during any spin that does not include a feature. The Caterpillar will appear at the top of the slot machine and will award you a multiplier up to 15xs.

The Mad Hatter Feature

As with the other features, the Mad Hatter can appear any time. When he does, look at the top of the slot. Pick the cup appearing above the reels to reveal one of three items: a cupcake, a diamond, or the white rabbit. Accumulating the cupcake can increase your multiplier up to 10xs. The diamond awards 1 or 2xs the total bet, and the white rabbit awards 10xs the total bet. The feature then ends.

Play Alice and the Mad Tea Party Slots

There are 7 reasons why you should play Alice and the Mad Tea Party Slots at our featured casino. They are quite obvious. But more than that, this is one of the most notable slot games I've ever played, not only for its immense value, but for its creative and unique bonus features, its high quality, and enormous appeal.