Bank on It Slots

As a slots player you may have come across many different themes of game so far, but perhaps not one with a theme based on slots itself? Bank On It slots are based around the classic game that you can find in almost any casino, pub and bingo hall in the country and we love it, because it never gets old. If you're a new player, then download video slots such as Bank On It so that you'll learn the basic template every other game of slots follows.

Don't fear though, Bank On It has added a few exciting features into the mix to keep things exciting and new. The progressive jackpot adds an air of mystery, whereas the unique bonus round gives something to aim for throughout the entire game.

Strike While the Iron is Hot

Once you download video slots like Bank On It, it's important not to simply launch into a game, but develop a strategy first. Even before that, if you're a beginner then you should be playing with play money for a little while and learning the game, before making your first deposit.

You can develop a means of play i.e. bet small for two goes and then on every third put a high wager down. This is important to do in any slots game and it does ensure that over a greater number of goes you will see positive results, but it is absolutely paramount in Bank On It Slots. This is because whenever you get three blanks in a row, your bet is placed into the 'piggy bank'. Ensuring that you're making a big bet every three goes is eventually going to mean you make a big bet when you land three blanks and then when you bust open that piggy bank you win even bigger.

Greedy Gaps Mean Super Savings

Significant symbols in the game of Bank On It Slots are the blank space, the piggy bank, the number 7 and the 'wild' logo. Each wild logo you land signifies the wild symbol, which replaces any symbol on your reels to create a winning combination that you need. This could, for instance, be the fifth number 7 logo that you need to get the progressive jackpot! The blank space is also the scatter symbol, which contributes to the bonus feature when you land three on any reel. Then to activate the bonus feature you must land three piggy bank symbols.

Smashing Open the Piggy Bank

So you've landed three blank spaces a few times, and seen an amount of money equal to your bet be deposited into the piggy bank in the top right hand corner of the screen. What happens next?

Well, you need to then land three piggy bank symbols in a row to bust open that piggy bank. From there on it is pretty simple: you win everything that's inside! You could then collect this to use on other games when you download video slots software other than this, or keep it for extra spins.

Classic Slots with a Twist of Originality

As you can see, the developers of Bank On It Slots were keen to uphold the classic slots layout, but there was no need to exclude some exciting features and game play from it too. All you need to do to be a part and be in with a chance of smashing the piggy bank to smithereens is download video slots software for Bank On It Slots at Sloto Cash Casino, create and account and get spinning.