Barbary Coast

As one of the most exciting and fun-filled pirate theme-based slots ever conceived, we highly recommend you play Barbary Coast Slots at Drake Casino. The animations, sounds, and realism utilized throughout this slot game are quite incredible. This is one slot game in which you are interacting with the characters on every level. It is absolutely outstanding!

Game Facts

A 5-reel, 30-payline bonus 3D video slot, Barbary Coast begins with an introduction given by a pirate whose voice will grab your attention from the first word spoken. With a jackpot of $7500, the coin denominations are perfect for any slot player, new or seasoned. They start at 2 cents and go to $1. The max bet is $30. The pay outs are fabulous, but it is the bonus features that will keep you playing for hours. Please be sure to read the view pays table before you begin play so you can familiarize yourself with all of the symbols, payouts, and bonus features.

Welcome Landlubber!

The symbols in Barbary Coast Slots are extraordinary. All animated to provide the quintessential amount of enjoyment, they include: Grog, a burly pirate with whom you will go toe to toe; the beautiful Maiden; Benjamin Sawyer, who will save the Maiden in one of the most realistic sword fights ever seen; Blackbeard, the talking Skull, treasure chest, gold coins, gun, compass, map, cannon, blue parrot, and barrel of whiskey. Each one of these symbols has its own exciting rewards and interactions. So get ready landlubber, to play the slot game of a lifetime! And be sure to keep the sound on high volume!

Parrot Free Spins Round

When you get three or more blue parrot symbols, you will receive 5 free spins. Be sure to bet the max in this slot game.

The Wild Cannon

When the Cannon symbol appears on the center line, Grog, the burly and scary pirate will walk across the screen and turn the Bet Max Spin Cannon around towards the reels. He will fire the cannon and the center reel will expand to Wild. The next spin will award you payout depending upon the winning combination.

Benjamin Sawyer Takes to the Rope

When Benjamin Sawyer's symbol appears three or more times, his symbol will change into a Pick Me symbol. Click on each one and Ben will sway back and forth (using a rope) to collect your winnings.

The Fight Bonus

In one of the most realistic fight scenes we've seen in a slot game, get three or more Blackbeard symbols and you will be asked to choose three ways in which Ben Sawyer will fight Blackbeard. Click on Slash, Parry, and Thrust, then Begin Fight. The order you choose determines your winnings. Nest you will be taken to the actual fight scene in which the maiden is tied to a post and Ben and Blackbeard have a go. When Ben wins, you will be awarded a total prize amount. What a fantastic scene!

The Grog Challenge

When you get three or more Grog symbols, you will be taken to a second screen where you will embark on a drinking challenge with Grog. A golden coin will appear in the center and you will be asked to choose heads or tails. If you win, Grog has to take a drink. If you lose, you have to take a drink. Each time you win or lose, you will be awarded a specific payout. Now here's the kicker - if you lose, the scene before you will become blurry. But if you win, Grog will drop! Can you win this drinking challenge?

Play Barbary Coast Slots at Drake Casino

There is not one feature in this game that doesn't aim to surprise, delight, and garner you high pay outs. So it is with great enthusiasm that we invite you to play Barbary Coast Slots at Drake Casino.