Black Gold Slots

One of the newest slot games to make its debut is called Black Gold Slots and, in our book, it is an unqualified winner! This exciting new slot game is creatively and ingeniously designed to provide the maximum payouts in a 3D format that will have you playing for hours. Having had the pleasure of playing this slot game, we invite you to visit our featured casino and play Black Gold Slots, one of the more exciting new slots games to come along in quite some time.

Game Facts

Black Gold Slots is a 5-reel, 30-payline bonus video slot with a bevy of bonus features. The coin denominations available range from two cents to fifty cents, with a max bet of 150 coins. What is so phenomenal about this slot game is that each of its symbols reaps fabulous payouts. But let's not get ahead of ourselves because we have a lot to tell you about this slot game. It is an oil-themed based slot featured an old codger named Bill. Bill and his horse (a very happy horse at that) will arrive on the scene before the first spin, and watch as you spin the reels. With each win, the horse goes wild! You really can't tell what Bill is feeling 'cause all you can see of his face is his large white mustache. But the animated horse tells the story in this slot game.

Black Gold Symbols

Before you even start the game, we highly recommend you read the pay table. Here you will find the symbols, their worth, and the bonus features with explanations. The symbols are all animated and include: Bill, his Horse, the Barn, the Oil Pump, the Oil Bit, Oil Barrels, Bill's Hat under which is a pile of Cash, a Drop of Oil, Oil Valve, a Mounted Steer Head, and a No Trespassing Sign.

Bonus Features

The first symbol that will take you to the first bonus feature is the Barn. When you get three Barn symbols, day will turn into night and you will win Free Spins. More importantly, the Barn symbol is wild and will multiply any winning combinations up to 10xs.

The Drill Bit symbol has another fabulous bonus feature attached to it. Get three of these symbols in a winning combination and you get to select one. Your winning prize will be revealed once you choose one of the Oil Bit symbols.

The Oil Pump Bonus Round

The piece de resistance is getting three Oil Pump symbols. When you do, you will enter the bonus round. In this round, a number will be shown and you will be asked to choose whether the next number is higher or lower than the number shown. After four hits or four misses, the round will end and you will be awarded your grand prize.

Respin Feature

Earlier we told you about the payout multiplier located at the upper right hand corner of the slot machine. Well, this payout multiplier is the heart of Black Gold Slots. Every time you get a winning combination, the multiplier will move to the next number. It starts at 1xs, and progresses to 2xs, 3xs, and 5xs. Here's an example: When a winning combo appears, all the reels except the middle reel will remain and the middle reel will spin. If you get another winning combo, the next payout multiplier will light up. If you score another win, the multiplier will move again and continue to move up to 5xs. When you reach the 5xs multiplier and win 5 spins in it, something quite extraordinary occurs. But that's a surprise we'll you experience. Note that the respin feature is not activated during the Free Spins round.

Play Black Gold Slots

For one of the most exciting slot experiences and interactive play, not to mention very high payouts, we invite you to play Black Gold Slots at our recommended casino. This is one slot game we are absolutely sure that you will enjoy to the fullest!