Butterflies II Slots

Players will be quite surprised when playing Butterflies II slots. I was! I became so engaged with it that I played it for 45 minutes. I won Mega Wins almost immediately, but not because of the Scatter symbol, but because of the Wild symbol. I will explain this in a bit.

About the Game

Butterflies II Slots is gorgeous, with its border consisting of an array of flowers and butterflies. The screen shows a large slot, and the simplicity of the game makes it even more exciting to play. The necessary buttons at the bottom are simple and easy to use.

How Many Reels and Paylines are There?

Butterflies II is a 5-reel, 25-pay line bonus video slot.

Can I Play this Game for Free and for Real Money?

Yes. Butterflies II is compatible with Instant Play (play for free) and real money play (join the casino).

Are there Special Features in this Game?

Here is where the surprise came in. First, the Scatter symbol has no value. Second, it is the Wild symbol that will garner players from Big Wins to Mega Wins. How? Each time the Wild symbol appears on the slot, a Butterfly emerges from its house and randomly chooses symbols and make them Wild. The Wilds can change two to three symbols. In the case of three symbols, players will get a Mega Win. In the case of two symbols, players will get a Big Win. There are no other special features in this game.

What is the Wagering in this Game?

Butterflies II is a high rollers game; however, players on a fixed budget can use the lower denominations and still win. I played for $6.25 per spin and won about $1000 in total. The betting range begins with one cent and goes as high as $250 max bet per spin.

Where is the Paytable?

The paytable is located at the far left corner of the slot when you click on the small I. Oddly enough, it is a one-page paytable and excludes all symbols, payouts, and rules. All it shows is the Butterfly Feature. The Butterfly House is the Wild symbol that activates the Butterfly Feature.

The Butterfly Feature

This feature is triggered when the House symbol appears anywhere on reel one. The Butterfly will emerge from the house and randomly choose existing symbols on the slot and turn them into Wilds. And that's the entire enchilada!

Have Players Rated this Slot Game?

Slot players have given Butterflies II a score of 10.


As I mentioned in my opening remarks, I enjoyed playing this game. While I admit I was waiting for the free spins round via the Scatter symbols, it wasn't that disappointing since the Wild symbol made up for the entire winning experience. I invite all online players from the US to join me to play the new Butterflies Slots II.