FairPlay Casino

The framework hiding behind the flashy design for this casino is provided by SGS Universal. You may not be familiar with that name, but we think you will like the appearance of the casino itself. One thing you will note is the presence of a mix of characters from assorted slots that appears on the home page. If you look closely, there could be a few in there you’ve seen before.

That could be because the FairPlay Casino has some games from hugely familiar providers in the online casino industry. No doubt you have heard of Betsoft, Microgaming, and NetEnt, for example. If so, you can see their games and many others from other sources as well. This is a great place to discover new titles alongside some of your old favorites.

Does casino accept Europe/USA/Canada/Australia players?

Sadly, we can confirm all the above countries are not allowed to sign up to use this casino. If you live elsewhere, we recommend you go to the terms and conditions and to scroll to the miscellaneous section. This is the 14th section of the document. It reveals exactly which countries are covered.

Casino games of every conceivable kind

That is quite a boast, but it rings true for FairPlay Casino. You have a section in which all the available games are displayed, along with an honesty control section. No doubt that will be new to you. The games also get their own categories, such as video poker, slot games, table games, roulette, and even some lottery games. Take a moment when you arrive to view as much as you can. This should inspire you to find out more and to see whether you might want to sign up.

Casino slots cover a varied array of themes

Whatever theme you can think of, or whichever one you love most, we suspect you will find something that fits your desires at FairPlay Casino. Every slot game is promoted with its title image. These images are lined up on the slots section page. No doubt you will recognize many of those images, although we recommend you check out the ones you don’t recognize as well.

Online casino games for free… but only for members

This casino requires a signup to occur before it permits access to any of its games. The games provide a demo link to play them alongside the real play link, so it is easy to go through to them. You do need to make sure you complete all the signup steps to get an account before you can play anything, even if it is only for fun.

FairPlay Casino allows online casino games for real money too

It is easy to check out this casino and to see what you make of it. However, you might eventually decide you would like to place a proper wager on a game. If so, the casino makes this easy to do. You should have a budget in place that you are content with first, of course. If you are going to deposit and you have not yet claimed your welcome bonus, make sure you don’t miss out.

No section for new slots

However, you can still find new titles within the FairPlay Casino. These are made available for you in the main slots section. Just look out for anything you haven’t seen before. Of course, since the big developers make a big splash with their new games, you might already know about a few of them before you end up spotting them on this casino site.

Casino promotions begin with a no deposit bonus

Yes, you can get such a bonus here, although it is slightly different from anything else you might have spotted elsewhere. You can look for the deal offering you a bonus of 100 TPLAY for signing up. What’s that, you say? The deal is connected to this casino being a blockchain casino based on virtual currency. If you want to play at FairPlay Casino, you will be taken to a page where you must sign up for a TPLAY wallet. This means TruePlay.

Aside from that first deal, which you will get if you receive a phone call from them confirming it, you can get deposit bonuses on the first four deposits made at FairPlay.

No available tournaments

We could see nothing of this sort provided at FairPlay Casino.

Enjoy smooth casino payouts working on blockchain technology

Even if this is all new to you, we think you will appreciate the hard work that has gone into giving you some good banking features. The site promotes instant deposits and withdrawals, which might make a refreshing change to anything you’re used to.

Rewards do not appear to be present

There was no information about rewards on the website.

Mobile casino (iPad/Android/iPhone) gaming is there too

Being able to play your favorite games no matter where you are is a key feature for many people today. You may already know this. If so, and if you tend to prefer mobile play instead of casino play on your desktop or laptop, you’ll appreciate the FairPlay mobile casino. Internet access and a modern device is the combination that will suit you here.

You won’t require an online casino app either

The site is designed to display on any size screen. That means they have not needed to develop an app for you to use.

No chance of playing without registration

We discovered earlier than you could not play at this casino without opening an account. That means you may want to look elsewhere if you only ever intend to play for the heck of it. It wouldn’t make sense to sign up for an account and a wallet if you weren’t going to play for real, would it?

Casino affiliate details provided by TruePlay Affiliate

Yes, the TruePlay Affiliate program reveals everything you should know about potentially promoting this casino. You might guess that since the casino uses blockchain technology to provide its services, the affiliate site does the same. This is something we haven’t seen before and it is a refreshing addition that makes sense given this is a virtual currency casino.

No casino bookie present

You must consider this casino as just that – a casino with no other add-on services.

No sports betting is provided

No surprises here, given what we learned just now.

Casino blog/forums could provide greater knowledge for you

If you want to know whether a service is worth using, ask existing users, right? While FairPlay itself doesn’t have any special forum areas or blog entries, you can find them on other sites and make use of them there instead. Who knows what you might discover? It will certainly give you more background about the site.

No live dealer casino is provided

This is a streamlined site offering only the best casino games to play whenever you wish. You won’t get any live games to play here.

Deposit methods are restricted to virtual currencies only

This is no surprise, given we already know FairPlay Casino is a cryptocurrency casino. That means we get the option to choose either Ethereum or Bitcoin to make our transactions with. No doubt you have heard of both.

Cash out faster than ever

Many casinos make you wait for your payments whenever you make a withdrawal. However, you might find this casino refreshingly simple to use in this respect. It’s quick too, as is often the case with virtual currencies.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, payments, and promos worth watching for

If a crypto casino is totally new to you, it is worth exploring the site as much as you can. It does provide ample information on how it works and which currencies you can use. You can also find out how easy it is to create a wallet and start making payments into your casino account. You’ll find out more about possible cryptocurrency promos and deals too.

Ample amounts of casino help are on offer as well

This is one casino that gets the home page balance between info and appeal just right. However, other pages provide lots of details about the casino, how everything works, and much more besides. If you do ever need some further info or help, just go to the contacts link at the bottom of any page. You can find their email address there along with their WhatsApp details.