Super Stack Poker Casino

As one of the most innovative casinos I have reviewed, Super Stack Poker Casino offers players not one but 6 casinos. Moreover, you can play all their casinos on your Mobile Device. This is a casino that is wonderfully designed to bring you the best of their casinos, without overselling them. The site is easy to navigate, allowing players to choose each casino they wish to participate in. The main page is not over-crowded with information, but is specific to each casino link. Moreover, the links at the top of the main page offer you the very best in game play.

What is so different about the casino?

Besides the 6 casinos you can play at, Super Stack Poker Casino offers one of the most incredible features to the games that players will fully appreciate at each of the casinos. More about this in our Slot section. In addition to the casinos, they also offer Poker, Sportsbook, Live Dealer, Bingo, Racebook, and Lottery. Go ahead and test out your skills for free with the Play for Fun option. No account is needed. (Please note that the casino layout differs from the one seen when playing for real money.)

What casino software powers Super Stack Poker Casino?

There are multiple software providers including: Betsoft, Digital Gaming Solutions, Real Time Gaming, ViG, Vista Gaming, and Wager2Go.

Can I access the Casino Lobby?

Yes, if you wish to play for fun, click on this link located on the main page near the bottom where it specifically says PLAY FOR FUN. You will be taken to the lobby area where you will find the category of games you can play in Demo Mode. There is one note I should make here: The slot games shown are the only games you can play for fun. The rest are shown at the different casinos.

Does this casino accept USA/ Australia/ Canada/ Europe players?

Yes. It accepts all players except for some European Countries.

What type of casino games are offered at Super Stack Poker Casino?

To answer this question, I am going to list all five casinos with their descriptions to give you an idea of what you can expect when you join.

  • The Grand Casino is sure the grandest of all Casinos, offers over 200 games among which are 90 Reel Series Slots, 14 variations of video poker, 7 different Blackjack games, Baccarat, Roulette and many more. The Grand Casino has a downloadable and an instant play version to fit the various styles of play.
  • Gold Casino Experience the thrill and excitement of playing all of your favorite Las Vegas-style casino games. Now available in a convenient data-minimizing, battery-saving size. Play on your PC/Mac/Chromebook or your Android/iOS devices, including tablets and even entry level mobile phones.
  • Jackpot Casino A truly immersive online casino experience has arrived with Grand Poker, Jackpot Casino. The Jackpot Casino offers an array of the most amazing cinematic 3D games available online today. The state-of-the-art true 3D graphics are like nothing you have ever seen before in an online casino. Pair the stunning graphics with audio and intuitive game play and you have one of the most appealing online gaming experiences available.
  • Bonus Casino is another favorite which includes dozens of games with better odds than most online casinos. The Bonus Casino offers you many variations of your favorite casino games, higher payouts, fair gaming audits and daily casino promotions.
  • Progressive Slots and Single-Deck Blackjack are highlights of the MatchPlay Casino. Choose from $1 or $.25Progressive machines and Single-Deck Blackjack games ranging for $1-$500.
  • Mini Games Casino Experience the thrill and excitement of playing some of your favorite casino games, now in a more convenient size. Play on your computer or Android and Apple mobile devices. The Super Stack Poker Mini Games offer full game play of several of the most popular casino games including Blackjack, Video Poker, Baccarat, Solitaire, Roulette and wide array of slot games. Each game can be played on your computer in a smaller window so that it can easily be moved to any position on your screen. This feature allows you to play while other windows are opened. Or, take the action with you! Super Stack Poker Mini Games are available for iPhone or Android devices so you can play a quick game almost anywhere.

How do I access these casinos?

First click on the link from the main page. I clicked on the Grand Casino. It will take you to each casino. Next, you will be given these categories: Getting Started, Blackjack at the Grand Casino, Grand Casino Comp Points, Grand Casino Games (click on this link to see all the games in all categories listed on the page), Sunday Nights Slots Tourney, Grand Casino Mobile, Coupons, How to Use Coupons, and Free Spins. Each one of the 6 casinos offers their own special features.

There is a very special feature this casino offers for slot games!

While I have never seen this before, I am truly impressed by this casino’s attention to detail relating to the slot games. Once you sign up and visit each one of the casinos, the games are listed in alphabetical order. Those that you can play on your mobile devices are marked with a mobile icon. If you click on any of the games, for example 777 Mobile Slots, here is what happens next: A new page opens up with the Game Description along with pictures of the game telling you that you can play the game on your computer, on your phone, supported systems, and the QR code you can scan on your mobile device. At the top of the game title, you will see a button that says Help and Rules. This page is akin to the pay table you would find on the slot. Every single detail about the game is given. This is one amazing feature, and it is only created for the mobile games.

What about the regular slot games?

For example, I chose Haunted Opera Slots. When I clicked on it, the description of the game was shown along with the game. In addition, it also had the Help and Rules button at the top. Now when I tried to play the game, I couldn’t which tells me that you have to sign up in order to play any of the games for free, despite the fact that the Lobby does have several games in Demo Mode.

Can I play online casino games for free?

Yes. Only those games in the Lobby area are available in Demo Mode.

Can I play online casino games for real money?

Yes. When you sign up with Super Stack Poker Casino, you’ll be able to play at all 6 casinos.

What are the new slot titles at Super Stack?

As I mentioned earlier, each of the casinos has their own list of mobile and regular slot games. To give you an idea of the titles you will find, here are the latest: 777 Slots, Storm Lords, Pig Winner, Cubee, Plentiful Treasure, The Mariachi 5, plus hundreds more.

Are there any casino coupons at Super Stack?

If you go to Grand Casino and click on Coupons, you will find the following coupons for Blackjack:
  • Coupon Code: BJ20-50X NEW
  • Coupon Code: BJ20-100X
  • BJ20-300X
  • BJ20-200X
  • BJ10-100X
  • BJ10-200X
  • BJ10-300X

How do I redeem these coupons?

Once you have selected the Grand Casino Coupon Code you would like to use, you will need to register it and then activate it. Please review the following steps to get started.
  • Register a SuperStack Poker Grand Casino Coupon:
  • Log into the SuperStack Poker Grand Casino.
  • Click on Cashier; go to "Coupons.”
  • Enter a Coupon Code and click on "Register.”
  • Your Coupon is now registered and ready to be activated

Are there any other promotions at Super Stack?

Yes, the Free Spins promotion. Make a deposit of $50 up to $250 on eligible accounts and you will receive a reward that can make you a big winner playing Spirit of the Inca Slots. Here is the breakdown of the free spins:

  • Deposit $50 - $99 and receive 5 free spins
  • Deposit $100 to $150 and receive 10 free spins
  • Deposit $151 to $200 and receive 20 free spins
  • Deposit $201 to $250 and receive 25 free spins

Are there any other rewards at Super Stack Poker Casino?

Yes. They include the following:

  • Poker Promotions: Bad Beat Jackpot, Grand Poker Points, No Fee GTD
  • Casino Rewards: Jackpot Casino Rewards, Bingo Rewards, and Live Dealer Rewards
  • Special Promotions: Reduced Juice Program, 30% Super Saver Bonus Program, Point Mover Special Bonus Program, Earn Comp Points, Betting Contest, Track Odds plus 10% More, Five Card Charlie Challenge
  • Bonus Casino Rewards: All Red 5-5-5-5 Bonus Casino Games, Mad Bonus Casino Reward up to 100%, Bonus Baccarat Zero Mondays, Reversed Commission Pai Gow Tuesdays, Radical Roulette Wednesdays, 100xs Craps on Thursdays, and 2 to 1 Blackjack Blow Out Fridays

Are there any tournaments at Super Stack?

Yes. Every Sunday night at 6:00PM ET, join the Super Stack Poker Grand Casino's Naughty or Nice Slots Tourney! Play for your share of the $100 Prize Pool, PLUS the winner will get an amazing EXTRA prize: 100% of their Net Casino Figure from the day before credited to their Sports Account IN CASH. The player with the highest score at the end of the tournament will win the biggest share of the prize pool PLUS a refund of their Saturday's Casino losses OR their Casino winnings credited again as cash in their Sports Account. All Super Stack Poker Casinos winnings or losses qualify for the Naughty or Nice Slots Tournament Extra Prize; that would include action in the Bonus Casino, Grand Casino, Match Play Casino, Mini Games and Live Dealers. Only Real Money Casino play counts towards this promotion. Qualifying Casino play must be registered Saturday before the tournament from 12:01AM ET to 11:59PM ET ONLY. As with all bonuses and promotions, we advise you to read all terms and conditions.

Is Super Stack a Mobile Casino?

Yes. In fact the entire site is geared toward mobile users as well as PC users.

Do I need a Mobile App?

No. Each of the casinos offers the QR code which you can scan onto your mobile device. Moreover, all of the games mentioned earlier have that special Supported Systems info so that you know if your device is compatible.

Can I play without having to register?

Yes, as mentioned earlier you can play the Demo games in the lobby area. The only time you do have to register is when you wish to play all 200 games at all 6 casinos.

Does Super Stack have Instant Play?

Yes for those demo games in the lobby area. When you actually sign up you will have access to all 200 games via Instant Play.

Who is the affiliate for Super Stack?

It is Super Stack Grand Poker.

Is there Sportsbetting at Super Stack?

Yes. As I mentioned from the outset, the Sportsbook and Racebook sites are fully viable for players.

Does the casino have a blog or a forum?

Yes. It’s called What’s Going On. Get the latest info about Super Stack Casino and its games and deals.

Is there a live dealer casino?

Yes. They offer the following live games: Baccarat, Blackjack, Blackjack Early Payout, Live Enhanced Payout for American Roulette, and Live Single Zero Roulette.

What are the deposit methods at Super Stack Poker Casino?

The funding methods include: Bitcoins and Credit Cards. Please note that according to the casino: “We have several options for depositing funds, To fund your Grand Poker account, you may first fund your sportsbook account so you can transfer the funds to Grand Poker.

Is there a cash out policy as well?

We have several options for withdrawing funds, to cashout from your Grand Poker account you may first transfer the funds to your sportsbook account.

Does Super Stack Poker Casino accept Bitcoins?

Yes. Also note that withdrawals are only with Bitcoins.

How do I reach Customer Support?

You won’t ever have a problem in reaching a customer support representative since they have toll free numbers for customer service, new accounts, horse wagering, and sports wagering. They also have a fax number and Live Help option as well. In addition, this Help Center also focuses on the following issues: Joining, Log In Issues, Deposits, Payouts, and Fees, Incentives and Rewards, Wagering, Customer Service/Wagering Call Center, and Miscellaneous. They also answer every one of these topics. Quite impressive! You can reach this page by clicking on Help at the very top of the main page to the right.


This is perhaps one of the longest reviews I have written, but it was well worth it because Super Stack Poker Casino has it all – and I mean that literally. I am so impressed with this casino for obvious reasons that I highly recommend our online players from the US and elsewhere to join Super Stack Poker Casino.